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KTM’s Nationwide Ride Orange Street Demo Program Announced

A KTM duke leans into a right turn.

Get Ready to Ride Orange

KTM announced its new schedule for its Ride Orange Street Demo program on its website. The event schedule shows the places and times that the demos will take place. The street demos will begin in Murrieta, CA, and continue around the nation as 2019 moves forwards.

KTM is holding the first Ride Orange Street Demo at its headquarters, but the rest will be at dealerships in various states around the country. If you were hoping to get up close and personal with some of KTM’s latest products in a low stress, non-sales-focused environment the Ride Orange Street Demo program is a great option.

KTM 790 Adventure on the road
Image from KTM

The events help potential buyers check out the products. KTM hopes to reach more people with its tour than ever before. The Street Demos will be held in a more diverse list of places. Standout locations will still be included. The tour will visit locations like U.S. MotoGP at Circuit of the Americas (COTA), Daytona Bike Week, Americade, Sturgis, AMA Bike Nights, the KTM Adventure Rider Rally, and the Barber Vintage Festival.

In order to be a participant at the Ride Orange Street Demo, you must be an experienced rider with a motorcycle endorsement and at least over the age of 21. However, that isn’t the only age restriction. Riders aged 21 to 24 can only ride 390cc motorcycles. Riders older than 25 can ride smaller displacement bikes, 690cc motorcycles, and models with higher displacement.

While there are numerous locations around the country, unfortunately, there aren’t any stops near my hometown. I would expect many riders will experience the same issues. However, if you really wanted to check KTM’s products out there’s probably a location within a few hours drive. Take a look at the schedule linked above to see how far you’ll have to go.