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KTM Has a New Electric Bike for Kiddos Called the SX-E 5

SX-E 5

The Future for the Future

We all know that we need to get younger people on bikes. A good way to do that is to target them when they’re little kids. Harley has its Stacyc stability cycles, but if you want something that’s really badass and can take on the dirt, then KTM has a bike for your kid. The company recently announced the production of the KTM SX-E 5. 

This electric motorcycle is special. It’s special because not only is it an electric bike and one of the first out on the market, but it has a design that allows the bike to be adjusted as your child grows up. Kids grow fast, and you don’t want to have to buy a new bike all the time.

SX-E 5

The SX-E 5 addresses this by providing you with a bike that has ergonomics that can be easily adjusted. The bike is designed to fit kids from a wide variety of ages from three to 10. That’s seven long years you could possibly get out of this machine.

In terms of equipment, RideApart noted the bike has three power modes and will have comparable performance to the KTM 50 SX. The bike also gets WP XACT 35 air fork technology and WP XACT shock absorber. This is a top-notch machine. Because the bike is electric, you’ll have little maintenance to do. Of course, there are still things like brakes, tires, and chain, but otherwise, it sounds like a stress-free bike for your kid. If I had a little one, I’d be considering this bike.