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KTM and CF Moto Join Forces

KTM 790 Adventure on the road

KTM Shifts Some Production to China

Yep, the 790 Duke and 790 Adventure will be made in Hangzhou, China, as a part of a new partnership between KTM and CF Moto. There’s a new nearly 25,000 square foot factory for it. Construction for the plant began in March 2018 and should be done by June 2020. After that KTM will shift some of its motorcycle production to that facility.

The production capacity is 50,000 motorcycles per year. However, according to MoreBikes, that can be increased to 100,000 per year if demand makes it necessary. This new manufacturing facility will also have a research and development department.

The 790 Duke and 790 Adventure will definitely be built there, but MoreBikes reports taht the new 890 Duke and CF Moto’s own models will come out of this facility, too. This will allow KTM’s Mattighofen, Austria facility to focus on the motorcycle company’s flagship models. These models include the 1290 Super Adventure, 1290 Super Duke GT, and the 1290 Super Duke R.

It’s interesting to see KTM make this move, but it’s not really surprising. With manufacturing costs being so low in China and quality still staying pretty high in many cases, it only makes sense. It’ll be interesting to see if this impacts quality at all or if it changes customer perception of the brand. 

  1. It will definitely change customer perception. people already flip out about the KTM Duke 390 being made in China and won’t buy one.
    We’ll see if there’s a premium on used 7 90s made in Austria versus China in a few years.

    1. Yeah, Falcn, the Duke 390 is made in India, not China.

      BMW has the 650 GS’s engine produced in China now…at least, I know it was starting in 2009 with my G650GS and I never had any issues with the engine…

      1. Oops. Non-Austria. I see people waiting China all the time. Their sentiments are the same. If it’s not Japan, Germany, Austria, Italy, England, it US, it’s crap.

        I’m more open minded.

  2. and that’s for a bike made in India! They’ll double flip out for one made in China, that’s actually made in China!! I imagine a lot of angry posts typed on Lenovos about how they’ll never buy something made in China.

    Would be nice though if lower manufacturing costs were passed on to the consumer – we’ll see.

  3. Its very very difficult for motorcycle Brands to start up a new line, you know already what it will take to start up a whole new factory…..
    And the quality today of the European KTM’s (790) is already so disappointing!!!

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