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KTM and Bajaj Have Electric Bikes in the Works

KTM Freeride E-XC electric motorcycle

Production Could Begin in 2022

It looks like KTM and Bajaj will be putting out some electric motorcycles soon, and I’m pretty excited about that. Motofire, recently reported that the companies plan on producing some electric motorcycles or scooters with power around three to 10 kW, which equates to about four to 13 hp. That means these two-wheeled electric machines will fall squarely into the commuter market.

Motofire actually didn’t have much other new information. The publication referenced a few remarks from KTM CEO Stefan Pierer from back in 2013. It also pointed out a Motorcycle News story about a weird stand up scooter from KTM that was spied out testing. I sincerely hope that’s not the only thing the company plans to put out.

While it’s unclear what exactly KTM hopes to do with its electric two-wheeled machines, I’m glad to hear they’re thinking seriously about doing some electric street bikes. The company has the Freeride E-XC, which is an electric enduro, and it seems like they have the tech to build an electric bike for the street. 

The issue will be doing it in a way and a market that makes sense for the brands. It’s unclear if KTM and Bajaj will have similar bikes just with different branding or if the electric motorcycle will be only for one brand and not the other. I would assume KTM would get the electric bike, but that might not be the case. I’ll keep an eye out for more details.