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Klotz KLR Motorcycle Chain Lube

Klotz KLR Motorcycle Chain Lube

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Klotz KLR is our favorite motorcycle chain lube in this 2008 comparison.

It has a nicely focused and powerful spray, which means that most of the product can be directed precisely on to the chain and side plates.

The Klotz KLR clear liquid dries relatively quickly and has the least amount of overspray of any of the products in this comparison, therefore it’s the most efficient.

Combine this with its very favorable cost per unit, at only $0.019 per gram (for all practical purposes, the CPU matched the Motorcycle Stuff Chain Lube, at $0.018 per gram, 1/1,000 of a cent less!).

It also comes in a huge 454 gram (16 oz.) can, so you don’t have to run to the motorcycle shop every month for a new supply.

Klotz KLR is, all things considered, a fairly basic motorcycle chain lube, but in this batch it’s a standout.

As we’ve mentioned several times, there’s no way of knowing whether or not KLR offers more or better or longer lasting lubrication to protect a motorcycle chain against wear than anything else.

But the combination of low cost, high efficiency and ease of use is a winner.


Good bargain in chain lube with a slightly sticky finish.

Klotz KLR Chain Lube
Type: Spray Liquid
Cost: Very Low (More Info)
Efficiency: High
Sprayer: Excellent
Fling-off: Low
Sticky Factor: Medium
Availability: Good (wBW Store)
Manufacturer: Klotz
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Klotz KLR Chain Lube

Publication Date: June 2008

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