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KipleX to Bring Smart Electrics to Southeast Asia

A Growing Trend

kiplex electric motorcycle

From Green Packet

The company Green Packet wants to change the way people get around in Southeast Asia with its new venture studio KipleX. The company has a new partnership with Singapore-based electric motorcycle company Ion Mobility.

The initiative is focused on bringing the communities into the modern age with electrified transportation. This would be a sustainable transportation option for the people who live in this area of the world.

The initial investment for KipleX is $3.3 million USD, so it’s quite well-funded, but there’s a lot of work to be done. The company needs to do more research and development as well as increase manufacturing and distribution capabilities.

According to The Star, the motorcycle industry in the region is expected to grow to the $8 billion USD mark. That means there’s a viable market here for continued growth and demand for good personal mobility.

It will be interesting to see where this goes. I would expect that we will see far more electric scooters and electric motorcycles in the region in future years. Of course, the infrastructure will have to be built up further to help support the additional bikes out there on the road and charging up.