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Kawasaki Looks Back at the GPz900R

Kawasaki gpz900r

A Walk Down Memory Lane

The Kawasaki GPz900R is one of the company’s most important sportbikes. It featured in the original Top Gun movie and went on to be one of the company’s most successful and impressive models. There’s a new Top Gun out. Tom Cruise reprises his role in the film and he will be riding both the old GPz900R and the new Kawasaki H2R in the film. Kawasaki recently released a video of the GPz900R looking at the model throughout the years it was produced. 

The GPz900R was a special sportbike, and it propelled Kawasaki to new heights in the sportbike arms race of the 1980s and 1990s. The motorcycle is arguably one of the most-important Kawasaki motorcycles from that era and it has a strong and supportive following.

While I’m sure the Kawasaki video that was posted was just put out because the film is coming out and the bike will be on people’s minds again, RideApart suggest that it could be the start of a new GPz900R. Kawasaki could bring back the name with retro styling and a modern engine, much like Suzuki did with the Katana. I think that’s a bit of a pipe dream, but it’s not something I would oppose. I’d love to see a new GPz900R. If you want to see the full video Kawasaki posted, check it out below.