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Kappa’s New K’Vector Cases Are In!

105 Liters Between Three Bags

This new 35 liter saddle bag from Kappa is a beautiful alternative for riders looking to complete their long-distance riding set-up with a quality product built to last. For the last 60 years, Kappa has been seeking to remedy riders’ needs for safe, secure, and high-quality bags for us to strap down when going the distance.

As I mentioned previously the bags are 35 liters each and allow for mounting on the sides of your seat as well as the back as a top-case allowing for a total of 105 total liters (27.7 gal) of carrying capacity.

The bags come in two variations, one with an aluminum colored cover and one with a black painted cover; with the black version costing 2.5% more (who really cares).

The composition of the case is based on a technopolymer reinforced with fiberglass to provide a sturdy construction suitable for all uses. There is no information available on the Kappa website regarding how water resistant the bags are, but judging by how they look and what we know about the general construction of the case I think it’s safe to say these will fair well in watery conditions.

These cases feature their new MONOKEY® system, allowing for opening and detaching of the cases with a single key. Very useful if you are on a long trip and want to keep your prized possessions with you in the event you stopover for a night in a hotel somewhere along the route.

The bags cost approximately $460 USD for a pair (slightly cheaper for the aluminum coloured one).