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Kal-Gard Clear Chain Kote Chain Lube

Kal-Gard Clear Chain Kote Chain Lube

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Quick Look

The second Kal-Gard chain lube reviewed in this series, Clear Chain Kote is similar to the Moly Chain Kote except that it does not contain the molybdenum disulfide additive.

The Clear Chain Kote appears to include ingredients that are similar to the Moly version, including the sticky carrier that leaves the chain susceptible to attracting dirt.

Clear Chain Kote is more expensive than the moly version of Chain Kote and runs mid-pack in this series in terms of price per ounce.

The sprayer throws out a nice, powerful foamy bead that does seem to work its way down into the chain and the side plates. Wiping the chain with paper towels removes some of the sticky residue, but sort of defeats the purpose.

There just seems to be a lot of very sticky residue left with this product, so it is not a favorite. Many chain lube formulations are moving away from the sticky factor, so we’re not sure why Kal-Gard used this formulation.

The Clear Chain Kote version of the Kal-Gard chain lube contains PTFE, by the way, which is the generic brand of DuPont’s Teflon. This could be what makes the Clear version more expensive than the moly version.


You’d have to like sticky chain lubes to like this one, although it does have a very nice foamy application that covers the chain and appears to get down into the links where it will do the most good. Relatively efficient once you get the hang of laying on a bead of the foamy spray, which comes out fast and powerful. Not our favorite though.

Kal-Gard Clear Chain Kote Chain Lube
Kal-Gard Clear Chain Kote Chain Lube (lube applied to side plates for demonstration purposes only).

Publication Date: June 2008

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