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Joe Rocket Lotus Jacket Review

Women's Joe Rocket Lotus Textile Jacket

Rocket Lotus Jacket
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Rocket Lotus Jacket Review Summary
Review Summary

As I pulled this jacket out of the box, I have to admit, my expectations were not high.

I had just reviewed the trendy Cortech LNX Leopard print leather jacket and I did not think that the Lotus jacket could measure up.

Boy, was I surprised!

This jacket looks just as good — even my daughter agreed.

She said she liked the looks of this one even more than the very stylish Cortech jacket.

The Joe Rocket Lotus textile jacket was designed to fit a women’s body.

The jacket narrows at the waist to be figure-flattering and it’s shown here in a Ladies XS in the Hawaii Blue/White/Black color choice.

Princess seams at the sides hug the body and the front scalloped hem narrows the silhouette even more.

I really like the way the rear hem comes to a point, drawing an onlookers eye downward to what is hopefully a very attractive asset.

Other feminine touches can be found in the banded collar, zippered hip adjusters and Joe Rocket flower logos on both the outside and inside of the jacket.

In my opinion the Lotus jacket runs fairly true to size.

I typically wear a ladies size 4 or Small. Based on the sizing chart found on the Joe Rocket website, I chose the Ladies XS which is a good fit for me.

My only minor complaint is that the sleeves are just a touch on the short side. Of course, when I take out the vest-style liner the jacket is a somewhat roomier.

Joe Rocket Lotus Women's Jacket - Rear View


Jacket Shell

The outer layer of the jacket is made from a durable fabric that is 60% nylon (RT 400) and 40% polyester.

Hawaii Blue is a vibrant color, add the white and black as neutrals and you have a very dramatic jacket.

There is also a reflective strip for added visibility when riding at night.

The inner fabric is combination of 100% polyester mesh and a surprising blue camouflage print that compliments the other colors used in the jacket.

Both the jacket itself and the removable vest are hand wash only. In the unlikely event that the jacket gets dirty (yeah right!), a outer layer appears like it would clean-up well with a damp cloth and mild soap.

Since this jacket is the only barrier between my skin and the asphalt if I am in an accident, I am concerned with the durability and protection the fabric provides.

Inspection of the jacket revealed a well constructed product with solid seams and straight hems.

In my opinion, the fabric feels both durable and strong. Joe Rocket has a reputation for putting out a good product and this jacket does not appear to be the exception.

I am still trying to get used to the confining feel of motorcycle jackets that is necessary for protection in case of a fall. I usually prefer more loose-fitting clothing.

As we flew over the back country roads of Maryland, the jacket did not feel stiff. In fact, as I moved, the jacket moved with me and I forgot about the tight feeling when I first put on the jacket.

The jacket did not ride up my back and with the zipper attachment for pants — this would be nearly impossible.

Other features include plastic zippered closures at the wrists with Velcro for a tighter fit and to prevent the sleeves from riding up.

The two 5 inch zippered pockets lay flat and another 5 inch interior pocket are included to safeguard your valuables and twin zipper hip adjusters at the waist to better customize the fit to my body.

The interior pocket is just the right size and depth  to keep your  IPOD or cellular phone close at hand.

Joe Rocket even thought to add an 8 inch zipper at the interior rear of the jacket so that you can temporarily affix your pants to the jacket for a sleeker look.

Joe Rocket Lotus Women's Jacket - Vents
Joe Rocket Lotus Women's Jacket - Side View
Joe Rocket Lotus Women's Jacket - Arm Vents
Joe Rocket Lotus Women's Jacket - Rear Reflector


In addition to the nylon/polyester construction the jacket has CE-rated removable armor at the shoulders and elbows.

It was not easy to remove and reinsert the armor in the fairly small 3 inch Velcro openings provided.

Joe Rocket also added a removable spine pad which can be replaced with an optional CE-approved spine protector.

Unlike the somewhat small shoulder and elbow armor pockets, the Velcro sealed pocket for the spine pad is quite generous at almost 10 inches.

As noted above, the jacket has a removable insulated vest liner that easily zips in and out.

Both the quilted inner and outer fabric on the liner are made from 60% nylon and 40% polyester.

Joe Rocket Lotus Women's Jacket Lining
Joe Rocket Lotus Women's Jacket - Sleeve

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The Lotus jacket is well vented utilizing the trademarked “Variable Ventilation System”.

At the shoulder there is a 3.5 inch zippered opening and 5.5 inch opening under the arms, and finally there are two large 7 inch vents running down the back and spaced 6.5 inches apart.

The mesh liner is permanently attached and continues down the sleeves for added comfort.

On a beautiful, sunny early fall day, the ventilation system more than adequately moved air through the jacket to make for a very comfortable and enjoyable ride.

The only time I was even slightly uncomfortable was when we stopped moving to take pictures of the jacket for this review.

Joe Rocket Lotus Women's Jacket - Front View
Joe Rocket Lotus Women's Jacket - Rear View

Construction and Logos

Attention to detail in the construction of this jacket can be found in several places. At the top of the jacket on the banded collar is a flap with a Joe Rocket signature metal snaps.

Joe Rocket even included a replacement metal snap set in case the snap on the banded collar is lost or damaged.

The Joe Rocket logo is located on both the left and right shoulder panels.

The plastic front zipper has a Joe Rocket insignia zipper pull for an added touch of style.

And finally, there’s a seam in the back that runs down the middle of the jacket; inside the seam is a wide strip of reflective material, which gives the jacket good visibility at night when illuminated by headlights (photo above).


You can find this jacket retailing for approximately $150.00, which is in my opinion a reasonable price for this quality and style of jacket.

Besides Hawaii Blue/White/Black the Joe Rocket Lotus jacket is also available in Black/Black, Black/Leopard print/White and Pink/White/Black.

By the way, this jacket looks great with Spidi Vaya motorcycle pants!

Expect to see a review of these pants coming soon…

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wBW Review: Joe Rocket Lotus Jacket
Manufacturer: Joe Rocket List Price (2007): $150.00
Colors: Black with: Black, Leopard print, White, Hawaii Blue/White, Pink/White. Made In: China
Sizes: XS-XL Review Date: October 2007
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