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Joe Rocket Crew Jacket Review

Moto Style, Technology for Winter Street Adventures

Joe Rocket
Joe Rocket Review Summary
Review Summary

The Joe Rocket Crew Cold Weather Jacket (the official name) brings motorcycle clothing technology to the street. I’ve been wearing mine this winter and it does an excellent job at keeping Mr. Freeze under control. The styling is what might be called “sport adventure” that suits just about any winter endeavor.

In fact, although winter jackets are usually more about function than fashion, this one breaks the mold. I first came across it on the Joe Rocket website and the price was right, so I took a chance. I’m glad I did; I’d have to say, it’s the nicest-looking winter jacket I’ve ever owned, it’s also highly functional and it quickly became a favorite.

And that’s not all: at the $108.00 street price, it’s a bargain. Since this is somewhat “off the beaten path” for a webBikeWorld review, I’ll make it short and to the point. We’ll take a look at some photos and I’ll briefly describe the features of the Joe Rocket Crew jacket and let the photos do the rest.

Joe Rocket Crew Jacket
Joe Rocket Crew Jacket Front and Rear Views
Joe Rocket Crew Jacket Collar Lining
The collar and most of the jacket is lined with soft micro-fleece.
Joe Rocket Crew Jacket Front Pockets
Horizontal pocket on the right (left in the photo) and vertical pocket on the left have weatherproof zippers.
Joe Rocket Crew Jacket Removable Hood
The hood attaches with metal snaps and it’s easily removed.



The Joe Rocket Crew jacket is a good-looking and warm jacket for cold weather off-the-bike street wear.

It’s also available as the RPHA Crew jacket, which is identical in all respects except is has white RPHA logos instead of the bright orange Rocket logos.

Just to remind you once more, it is not designed for motorcycle riding. It’s a casual cold-weather jacket for street wear with some Joe Rocket signature styling accents.

It’s also interesting to note that the Crew jacket incorporates motorcycle jacket technology from the Joe Rocket line of riding gear and brings it to the street.

Which kind of makes sense, because motorcycle clothing has come a long way in the 15+ years webBikeWorld has been online and much of that technology is just as useful off the bike as it is on.

Above all, the Joe Rocket Crew jacket is very comfortable to wear and it’s surprisingly light at exactly 1 kg (2.2 lbs.) in size large with the removable hood attached.

More importantly, it takes on the cold with a wind- and water-resistant shell lined with comfortable micro-fleece.

The shell is black and gray with some nice geometric detailing on the sides that also has the illusion of a slimming effect.

The light weight makes it easier to wear than other winter jackets, but the outer shell and inner fleece lining do an excellent job at keeping out the cold — a nice combination.

The removable hood attaches with metal snaps and all of the zippers are just like the same water-resistant type found on motorcycle jackets, with a vinyl sealing cover over the top.

Joe Rocket Crew Jacket Lining
The inside of the Crew jacket is lined with soft micro-fleece. No, that’s not a back protector!

Inside on the left is a large stretch pocket that is supposed to be designed to hold goggles. But it can also hold a small tablet.

And inside on the right is a pocket designed to hold a smartphone. It’s made from a stretch fabric and it has a stretchy cover to keep the contents safe.

A handy zippered wallet or sunglasses pocket on the inside of the left placket is also just like the type found on many motorcycle jackets.

Two hand pockets on the outside also have the weatherproof zippers and they’re lined with the comfortable lightweight micro-fleece also.

More exterior storage includes a horizontal pocket on the right side at the upper chest and a vertical pocket on the left, just outboard of the placket. These are lined with polyester and both also have the water-resistant zippers.

One more zippered pocket lives on the left sleeve cuff, handy for ID cards or keys. All told, the Crew jacket has plenty of storage, both inside and out.

Joe Rocket Crew Jacket Sleeve Cuff
Sleeve cuffs use the same type of hook-and-loop adjusters found on motorcycle jackets.
Joe Rocket Crew Jacket Sleeve Pocket
Small pocket on the left sleeve cuff is a good place to stow keys.

Collar and Cuffs

The sleeve cuffs have a Lycra “comfort cuff” on the inside at the wrist to keep the wind out and the outer part of the cuffs use the same type of hook-and-loop adjusters found on motorcycle jackets.

The collar is also lined with micro-fleece, as is the entire wind flap that backs the main entry zipper.

The collar has a hidden metal snap on both sides, which can be used to secure it in the open position if desired.

Finally, there are two sliding adjusters at the bottom of the hem, port and starboard, which can be tightened to block the cold air from entering.


This Joe Rocket Crew jacket is a size large and it fits about as expected for a winter jacket. It has enough room to fit a sweater underneath and the overall styling and cut gives plenty of room to move, as you might find in a snowboard jacket.

I think the size large will fit about a 43″ to 44″ chest size. The model shown in the photos has a 44″ chest.

The jacket comes with a few wrinkles that can be quickly straightened with a warm iron over a cotton cloth. Just be careful not to make the iron get too hot.


The Crew jacket is made entirely from polyester — the shell, liner and the rest.

Like most or all of the black/dark motorcycle jackets of this type that I’ve worn, it gets a static electricity charge in cold/dry weather that attracts lint and pet hair, as does the micro-fleece lining, which is also typical.

It’s not as bad as most, but it does happen. If you don’t have pets or if you live in a damp climate, you may not notice and it will also depend on how dry the air is in your house.



As I said, I took a chance on this one and I’m glad I did. The list price is $119.99 but the street price is around $109.00, which is very reasonable for a functional winter jacket.

Some may not be able to get past the embroidered “Rocket” logos but they don’t bother me a bit and heck — they identify me as a motorcyclist.

In fact, this is the truth: I’ve received quite a few “Hey, that’s a nice jacket, where’d you get it?” compliments with the Crew jacket — something I’ve never heard before.

The Crew jacket is a hidden gem in the Joe Rocket lineup and definitely worth a look.

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