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Is This Teaser for Suzuki for the V-Strom 1000?

Suzuki teaser

A New 1000 ‘Strom Is Needed

The last time the V-Strom 1000 was updated was 2014, so it’s in need of a refresh, and a recent teaser from Suzuki would suggest that we’ll get to see that bike at the upcoming EICMA show. The teaser is pretty obscure, but the good folks at RideApart seem to have deciphered that it’s a V-Strom and that means it has to be the 1,000cc version. All of the 650s have been announced and look pretty good to me.

It’s unclear what the updates will be, but you can bet it’ll have something to do with that engine. Why? Well, the bike needs to be updated to make it good for Euro 5 emissions. In order to be compliant, I’m sure the engine will at least have to be tweaked a little bit. This is good news because Suzuki hasn’t changed that engine much in a while now. I would expect it to be a leaner and meaner machine, putting out more power whilst not polluting much at all. 

Additional upgrades will likely include suspension and brakes. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the suspension get some kind of electronic adjustment and likely some cool new ride modes of some kind. Of course, there will be fancy things like ABS, traction control, and more. I’m genuinely interested to see what Suzuki has up its sleeve with this bike. The adventure segment is hot, and the company could have a winner on its hands.