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Is Honda Working On Power Steering for a New Bike?

Honda Power Steering Patent
Image from MoreBikes

Power Steering on a Motorcycle?

Power steering, while ubiquitous on automobiles, isn’t found on motorcycles. At least, not traditionally. It seems that Honda may add a new power steering system to one of its future bikes. According to MoreBikes, Honda recently filed a patent for a new power steering system.

This system differs from the one that appears on the new Neo Wing three-wheeler Honda has in the works. That system is larger and just a different setup altogether. From the patent drawings made available by MoreBikes, it’s clear that the new system is on a different bike, but it’s unclear what that bike will actually be.

I assume it’s a big bike or a new trike. If it was one of Honda’s smaller motorcycles it wouldn’t make sense to put a steering assist or a power steering system on the bike. There’s simply no need for it.

Honda Power Steering
Image from MoreBikes

According to MoreBikes, in the patent application, Honda wrote this: “An assist motor generates a steering assist force that assists a steering force transmitted to the steering shaft, and a steering assist force transmit member is turnably supported by the steering stem.”

While that’s a horribly hard-to-read description, it’s clear that Honda is indeed adding steering assist to the bike. There aren’t many details at this time about the patent application. MoreBikes did note that the new power steering system in the patent application is smaller than the one outlined for the NeoWing.

We’ll keep an eye out for future developments on Honda’s unique power steering system. Hopefully, it’ll come to light which model the system will be installed on.