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Interphone Pro Case Preview

Smartphone Cases Designed By and For Motorcyclists

Interphone Pro Case Preview Review Summary
Review Summary

November 2014 (Press release edited by – Interphone announced the beginning of a new line of smartphone cases, the Interphone Pro Case, designed specifically for motorcyclists.

Following is an edited press release and be sure to read our Interphone Pro Case review!

Interphone Pro Case

Interphone Pro Case Designed for Motorcyclists

Keep your smartphone safe with the new range of Interphone Pro Case smartphone cases. With more than twenty years of experience, Cellular Line is a European leader in mobile telephony accessories.

The Interphone line now offers motorcyclists a new range of Pro Case cases for the most popular Smartphones on the market.

The new line of Interphone Pro Case cases was developed to provide the highest resistance to water, snow, impact and dirt on the motorcycle, and to offer an Italian design with an original concept featuring innovative, ergonomic lines.

The design of the new cases meets the needs of motorcyclists who are looking for a top-performing, attractive accessory that can be perfectly integrated into the handlebars of the motorcycle.

Also, anyone who wants to be assured that their smartphone is totally protected even in the most extreme environmental conditions.

The designers of the new Pro Case cases are motorcyclists themselves, so they are familiar with the most important needs of people who ride.

As a result, they subject the cases to demanding daily tests in order to reach and exceed excellent quality standards. Such tests are essential for guaranteeing that the product is appealing and of the highest quality.

Now, with reliable Pro Case cases, motorcyclists can operate their costly smartphones in complete safety and use all the functions on the display, thanks to the practical adhesive spacer you apply on the screen of the case, over the home button.

The two lateral Slide Lock sliders effectively seal the shell and isolate it against bad weather that can seriously interfere with proper smartphone operation, while also ensuring that the phone can be used quickly and precisely with gloves.

The cases have a large touch screen surface that adheres perfectly to the smartphone, as well as a thick internal neoprene lining which wraps around the phone completely to create a soft shell that protects against vibration and accidental impact.

Since the internal silicone lining can be purchased separately from the basic kit and is replaceable, Smartphones of different sizes can be used with Pro Case cases. In essence, a single shell can house Smartphones of different sizes without affecting their functions in any way.

Interphone Pro Case Features

  • Handlebar Recharge: The Pro Case allows the smartphone to be recharged while it’s being used, even when it’s raining. Pro Case cases are among the few on the market that allow the smartphone to be recharged while it is being used on the handlebars, since the phone is guaranteed to be waterproof even during this delicate operation.
  • Take Video and Photos While Riding: Thanks to the large window at the rear, videos and photos can be shot perfectly through Pro Case cases even while riding, and they can even contain smartphones with lenses installed in different positions at the rear.
  • Safety Strap: A safety strap that hooks onto a small metal ring on the Pro Case and is included in the kit ensures that the Smartphone will not fall from the motorcycle, even if the holder attached to the handlebars is accidently released.
  • Waterproof: The Pro Case resists rain, snow and other similar events. It is rated IPX4 waterproof, so it can easily handle any kind of weather.
  • Slide-lock Closures: The Pro Case is equipped with lateral sliders (Slidelocks) that quickly position and lock the smartphone inside the case. The operation is simple to do and secure, even while wearing gloves.
  • Functionality: Home button/touch screen/camera display.

Interphone Pro Case for iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy S5

The new Interphone Pro Case line of cases was developed to provide the highest resistance to water, snow, impacts and dirt on the motorcycle, as well as to offer an Italian design with an original concept featuring innovative, ergonomic lines.

The Interphone Pro case SMIPHONE6 and SMGALAXYS5 case will go on sale in late January 2015.

It will be followed quickly by new models for the iPhone6 Plus, and Galaxy Note4. Available also the two version SSCIPHONE6 and SSC GALAXYS5 for non-tubular handlebars. Dimensions 178 x 92 x 21 mm Weight 220 gr Price €59.99

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