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Icon’s 2021 Gear Line Is Flashy And Awesome


A Whole New Line!

Icon is coming in hot into 2021 with an updated gear line that features some pretty insane graphics and colors. If the 2020 line wasn’t flashy enough – look no further – this new lineup is sure to impress.

When it comes to helmets, Icon has ensured that the successful Airflite, Airframe Pro, and Airform make a return for 2021 with some updated liveries and effects such as glow-in-the-dark sections. The Airframe Pro brings a “Beastie Bunny” livery to the table, while the Airform has some Military inspired graphics as a tribute to the troops. Not much has changed when it comes to the safety of these lids, they will all be DOT and ECE certified. The Airframe Pro is constructed from a composite fiberglass exterior, where the Airflite and Airform are composed of a polycarbonate shell.

The popular Airflite helmet will come with an MSRP of $295, the Airform will come in at $225, and the new Airframe Pro will be available at $390.

Icon doesn’t just make helmets, though; their jacket line gets some updates as well. Icon will have a total of three riding jackets to add to their 2021 arsenal including the Synthhawk, Airform, and Hooligan Ultrabolt. The Synthhawk is a much lighter alternative to a leather jacket, the Airform is a water-resistant coat with a WP 1 rating, and the Hooligan Ultrabolt is a hoodless jacket composed of 300D polyester. All three jackets will come complete with D30 padding in the shoulders, elbows, and most importantly the back. Given the prices of these jackets and the fact that they come complete with back protectors from the get-go, they should make good contenders for top jackets in our upcoming lists; we will have to see. The Synthhawk will retail for $295, the Airform will come in at $220, and that will leave the Hooligan Ultrabolt with at $175 price tag making it the most affordable jacket of the bunch.

These gear names (Airform, Stormhawk, and Hooligan) all make their way to the glove lineup as well. Icon has three different pairs of gloves that match with the respective jacket and price range. The Airform gloves will run you $50 and provide good ventilation for hot weather as well as D30 padding over the knuckles, the Stormhawk are perfect for season-long riding and help keep your hands dry in the rain with a price tag of $65, and the Hooligan gloves will cost $30 to bring a further level of affordability to the glove line-up.

Although the Airform and Hooligan namesakes don’t make their way to the boots, Icon has brought us a pair of Stormhawk boots that are perfect for all-season riding thanks to their weatherproof construction and breathable/waterproof inner liner. These boots provide good protection thanks to D30 padding found around the ankle and the premium leather construction. In addition to the Stormhawk boot, Icon also has the Elsinore2 boots that are perfect for a sportier ride thanks to its shin plate. Both sets of boots will come in at a reasonable $185.