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Horwin EK3 Electric Scooter Looks Cool

horwin ek3

Top Speed 60 MPH!

Electric scooters keep getting better and better. This is the Horwin EK3, and it’s one of the better ones that I’ve seen. The bike is sold by a company in Austria, but the scooters are made at factories in China. 

The Horwin EK3 features a classic-looking design with modern elements. It also offers some top-level technology and features including keyless entry, LED lights, larger-than-average wheels, and a CBS brake-management system. There’s also a storage area that can house a full-face helmet. 

When it comes to battery range, you’re looking at 62 miles. However, you have the option to add an additional battery pack to double that range, which means you’re looking at a total of 124 miles. According to Electric Motorcycle News, that range can be achieved while cruising at 45 mph. The top speed of this impressive scooter is 60 mph. That’s really quick for a scooter.

The range and speed specs are impressive. It will be offered in Europe for 4,290 Euros or about $5,000 USD. That honestly sounds like a reasonable price when you consider the other options out there.