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Honda Patents Unique CB4X Concept

Honda CB4X patent drawing

Coming Next Year?

I love it when Honda gets weird, and the company certainly does this with many of its bikes. Recently, according to MoreBikes, the company patented some designs for the CB4X concept that was showcased at EICMA last year. The design that was patented looks a little different than the concept that was revealed, but it’s certainly that bike. 

For those who don’t know, the CB4X is a unique mid-size sport-touring machine that features the engine from the CB650. When it hits the market, it will likely be called the CB650X, according to MoreBikes. The bike gets a tall stance, a big front fairing. This will keep the wind off you as you tear up a curvy road or take on whatever else you encounter. 

The CB4X is certainly a sport-touring machine, and if produced, it will likely take on the Tracer 700 and BMW F900XR among other middle-weight bikes similar to it. This is a much-needed bike honestly. Honda doesn’t have a bike to fit this class, especially at this displacement, and the CB4X, or CB650X, will fill a pretty big hole in the lineup. While patent designs aren’t an official announcement, they’re an indication that this bike could come out in the future.