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Honda Launched Online Booking for India

honda shine

Could it Come to North America?

Honda has now launched a new online booking system in India to help make the process of getting a new bike as seamless and easy as possible, according to BikeWale. With the new system customers can take a closer look at and reserve individual models. This is designed to reduce the number of people physically coming into the dealership.

The only part of the transaction that can’t be done online is actually paying for the motorcycle. You’ll be able to reserve your bike, and then go in, pay for it, and off you go. This might seem kind of silly, because you still have to go into the dealership, but it’s designed to help you limit the amount of time you have to spend at the dealership.

With more and more of the buying process going to the Web, this really comes as no surprise, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic that was experienced around the world and caused shutdowns of dealerships and other facilities. It will be interesting to see where Honda takes this and if you’ll soon be able to do everything online. 

I’d also expect Hond to expand this program to other markets as time goes on and they work the kinks out of it. I think this is the way of the future. It’s highly convenient and convenience tends to drive most buying decisions these days.