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Honda first with emergency braking

Honda first with emergency braking

Honda Motorcycles look like being the first to introduce emergency braking that automatically stops a motorcycle if it detects an imminent crash.

In 2015, the United Nations #STOPTHECRASH campaign called for autonomous emergency braking on all bikes.

The system activates usually at slow speeds if an obstacle is sensed in front of the bike.

There are already similar systems in many cars, including Honda, which has now filed patents that show their system would work on motorcycles.

In their cars, it’s called a Collision Mitigation Braking System.

It uses various sensors and radars to detect an imminent crash.

Their patents say it would be linked to the front and rear brakes controlled by an automated system.

If the rider doesn’t apply the brakes, the system begins to apply rear brake pressure, determines the surface traction, then starts applying the front brake. It will continue until the bike stops or the obstacle is no longer in front.

If the rider does apply the brakes, the automated system would apply maximum pressure, taking away the onus for riders to learn how to perform emergency braking.


Emergency braking

While automated braking is in its early stages in motorcycles, it has been around for the past decade in cars.

Once the systems have been fine-tuned by motorcycle companies such as Honda and BMW, as well as automotive technology providers such as Bosch, Continental and Denso, we can expect to see them introduced in many top-priced bikes.

The next step would be mandatory fitting.

Don’t think it won’t happen.

ABS and ESC (electronic stability control) is mandatory in cars in most parts of the world and it’s quickly coming to motorcycles.

More than one in three new motorcycles manufactured in Europe is now fitted with ABS and Japan, Europe, India, Brazil and Taiwan have already mandated anti-lock brakes on designated motorcycles.

  • Should ABS and emergency braking be mandatory on motorcycles? Leave your comments below.
  1. I don’t think ABS is that problematic,. However if the bike begins to slow itself the rider might instinctively open the throttle. What would happen if the rider was standing up?
    Hopefully the manufacturers will iron out such things.

  2. This is the stupidest most deadly idea I’ve ever heard of!
    If someone told me I had to have this fitted to my bike I’d force them to ride it and the idiot would die very quickly.
    You won’t be able to filter. It will come on in corners or if a bird flys past or a bag blows up in front of the bike.
    I can hear the experts saying that won’t happen but we all know it will!

  3. for a bike quite often evasive action is the best choice, hard to do if your bike is autonomously jamming on the brakes

  4. This is missing a vital factor. How is the rider supposed to be prepared for unpredictable slowing of the machine? What if they’re trying to dodge around an obstacle and suddenly the bike brakes activate… and they slide off the bike, or lose balance and yank the handlebars?

  5. I have this on my car and it can be a right royal PITA having it brake suddenly as I pass a turning car it thinks I am going to hit. More than a few times I’ve had the foot on the accelerator (lightly) only to have the ABS shudder the car through the intersection as it tries to stop the car.

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