HJC Helmets: Reviews, News, & Deals

Founded in 1971, HJC is one of the most well-known American helmet brands in the world and has held the #1 helmet brand in North America title since 1992 (per Motorcycle Industry Magazine).

HJC is active in the motorcycle and automotive racing communities, sponsoring numerous riders and events. HJC sponsors Superbike riders Tonie Elias and Garret Gerloff, as well as several FMX and X-Games riders (including X-Games gold medalist Nate Adams).

Just as popular as their involvement in racing is their line of helmets based on Marvel, DC, Star Wars, and Pixar franchises.

wBW has completed more than 30 in-depth HJC helmets since our founding in 2000.

Our Latest HJC Helmet Reviews & Coverage

HJC RPHA 11 Joker

Want to be a Super Villain? If you’re a fan of the Batman villain The Joker, then you’ll be thrilled to see that HJC has a new RPHA 11 Joker Helmet. The helmet has a fancy new graphic that is of the character, and that means you can challenge your inner Joker while you’re out …


A Cool New Modular Option When I think HJC, I don’t usually think of a retro style. The company makes some of the best helmets out there, but they’re not usually chasing after that look of yesteryear. However, this new V90 modular helmet does that a little bit. It’s not on the same level as …

HJC Crutchlow

You a Fan of Cal Crutchlow? If you like MotoGP rider Cal Crutchlow, then you’ll be happy about HJC’s new helmets with Crutchlow replica graphics for 2020. The graphics will appear on the RPHA-11 Pro helmet. There are three separate new graphics designs in addition to the standard Crutchlow replica lid. The new designs are …


Some First Impressions I have never worn an HJC helmet before or even tried on one while window shopping. So I was very interested in testing the new generation F70. Reading up on this new breed, I quickly discovered that it was a unique blend of helmet technology in a comms ready helmet. But the …

HJC RPHA 70 ST Iron Man helmet

Get a Stylish Full-Face Lid From Santa The holidays are a time for indulgence and a time for gift giving. This can mean different things to different people. It terms of indulgence, it can mean getting yourself the things you’ve been thinking about getting all year long. In terms of gift-giving, it can mean making …

Bell Custom 500 Carbon RSD Jager helmet

Cover Your Noggin but Feel the Wind on Your Face for Less Every week I take a look at our partner’s websites and pull the deals that catch my eye. This week I was drawn in by the discounts on Revzilla’s website for open face helmets. I’ll recommend a full-face lid over an open face …

HJC IS-MAX II on Wade Thiel three-quarter view

Quick Specs $209.99 / Intermediate Oval  / 3.81lbs / 1,728g A Modular That’s Heavy on Features, Light on Weight The HJC IS-Max II is the successor to the venerable IS-MAX modular helmet that we reviewed back in 2009. That helmet was a quality one when it came out and has served many riders well. The …


The RPHA 70 ST represents HJC’s top shelf sport-touring helmet and is an evolution of the original RPHA ST. Features such as a lightweight and rigid shell, an internal sun visor, and included pinlock ready visor and insert are just the beginning of the features packed into the RPHA 70 ST. Introduction If there were …