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Founded in 1971, HJC is one of the most well-known American helmet brands in the world and has held the #1 helmet brand in North America title since 1992 (per Motorcycle Industry Magazine).

HJC is active in the motorcycle and automotive racing communities, sponsoring numerous riders and events. HJC sponsors Superbike riders Tonie Elias and Garret Gerloff, as well as several FMX and X-Games riders (including X-Games gold medalist Nate Adams).

Just as popular as their involvement in racing is their line of helmets based on Marvel, DC, Star Wars, and Pixar franchises.

wBW has completed more than 30 in-depth HJC helmets since our founding in 2000.

Our Latest HJC Helmet Reviews & Coverage

HJC i10 Full Face Helmet

While riding around in my Scorpion EXO-GT920 was perfectly fine from March through to May here in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, when June arrived this year, it arrived with hell on its heels. The temperature spiked hard, pushing through to over 30 C (86 F) almost every day of the month. Frankly, the GT920 no longer …

HJC i90 Modular Helmet Review

About the HJC i90 Years ago, the field of modular helmets seemed like a distant cousin of the world of full-face lids. Modular lids were noticeably larger, as heavy as an anvil, and about as stylish. Chinbars flopped about seeming more like a loosely fitted accessory than an integral part of the helmet. Apart from …

HJC RPHA 90S Carbon Modular Helmet Review

Introduction My first introduction to HJC helmets was not for use on a motorcycle. I purchased my first HJC helmet almost twenty years ago for snowmobiling. It was a modular helmet with dedicated features for snowmobiling, including additional wind protection and a double lens electric visor to eliminate frosting and fogging. Since that time I …


HJC Is Back With Four Helmets for Your Safety Europe is the mecca of open-face helmet owners. It’s as if every time you see an individual riding a scooter you can bet they have an open-face helmet on. It makes sense, with such crowded and densely populated areas you want to ensure you have the …

Side view of rider wearing RPHA 11 Pro Carbon helmet

Introduction Every now and then you get to review a product or products that are so functionally design-oriented, so well built, and so utterly effective that one feels most fortunate to have gotten the review opportunity. And while there are tons of good stuff out there, it’s still not a given that any product put …

HJC RPHA 11 Joker

Want to be a Super Villain? If you’re a fan of the Batman villain The Joker, then you’ll be thrilled to see that HJC has a new RPHA 11 Joker Helmet. The helmet has a fancy new graphic that is of the character, and that means you can challenge your inner Joker while you’re out …


A Cool New Modular Option When I think HJC, I don’t usually think of a retro style. The company makes some of the best helmets out there, but they’re not usually chasing after that look of yesteryear. However, this new V90 modular helmet does that a little bit. It’s not on the same level as …

HJC Crutchlow

You a Fan of Cal Crutchlow? If you like MotoGP rider Cal Crutchlow, then you’ll be happy about HJC’s new helmets with Crutchlow replica graphics for 2020. The graphics will appear on the RPHA-11 Pro helmet. There are three separate new graphics designs in addition to the standard Crutchlow replica lid. The new designs are …