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Have a Honda CBF125 and Looking for a Good Shop Manual? Haynes Has You Covered

Honda cbf125 manual

For Our Readers Outside of the U.S.

We primarily focus on North American bikes, but there are so many good motorcycles in Europe, India, and other areas of the world. One of these bikes is the Honda CBF125. Haynes, the maker of fantastic shop manuals for various vehicles, reached out to us and shared the fact that the publisher has a new manual for the Honda CBF125. This small commuter bike was sold outside of the U.S. and is a great little motorcycle from what I hear.

For those readers who are outside of the U.S. and in need of a good shop manual for this bike, I suggest you check it out. Honestly, Haynes manuals have proved helpful to me time and time again, whether or not it’s for motorcycles or cars. The addition of this bike to the list of detailed and helpful manuals the publisher puts out doesn’t surprise me. 

We were told Canada and Mexico recently received this book, so if you’re in these markets and in need of something to do while you’re staying home to avoid the Coronavirus, I highly suggest you do some bike maintenance. If you’re like me, you can’t keep much in your head, so having a good book that shows you what to do is a must when working in your garage or shed. You can check out the book here.