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Harley-Davidson Has A New Video Detailing Pan Americas Rolling Off Production Line

H-D Pan america production line

The Pan American Dream Nears Completion

After 120 years of V-twin cruiser excellence, Harley-Davidson has finally changed the course of their ship and stepped into the unknown with the introduction of their new 2021 Pan America ADV motorcycle. Although H-D has made a few non-cruiser projects (namely the Livewire) in recent years, it’s even a bigger pivot in a new direction with this Pan America.

This video that H-D has released to their official Youtube channel aims at humanizing the production process and adding an element of “being a family” at the factory in addition to the success stories from some of the manufacturing team members through the building process of the first Pan Americas to roll off of the line.

H-D has always had a tight family atmosphere at its production plants thanks to its rich history. From what this video is presenting, it seems like the perfect breeding ground for a new motorcycle to emerge from. Happy workers make great products, and Harley-Davidson has over 100+ years of production chops under its belt.

This isn’t just a peek into the factory though, it’s a celebration of the first Pan America finishing its official production process. That’s a big step when taking into account that this motorcycle started as simple drawings/ideas not long ago. The team at H-D took this idea and turned it into a complete dream with a real motorcycle to show for it. Jochen Zeitz, CEO at H-D, was even present at the event to celebrate with the hard-working individuals that brought this dream to reality.

It shouldn’t be long before we get an actual unit into the WBW team’s hands to test.