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H-D Releases Screamin’ Eagle Engine Upgrades for Milwaukee Eight Motors

Bigger is Better

Crank the most performance possible out of your Milwaukee Eight crate engine with new Harey-Davidson Screamin’ Eagle engine upgrade parts.

This is a huge release of parts from the guys over at the H-D factory, with both stage III and stage IV kits to select from to bring your H-D motorcycle to the next level.

Ever wanted to bring your Softail from 114ci to 131ci? That’s a big bump-up in overall size and this is the biggest displacement kit Harley-Davidson has ever offered. The kit features new CNC ported heads, larger valves, machined chambers, upgraded camshaft, high compression pistons, larger throttle body, and finally topping it off with a new intake manifold. If you ever wanted to crank your Camaro to 500 horsepower, these are the types of engine modifications you’re looking for so it’s great to see H-D is providing an all-in-one stop to get every corner of your engine refreshed with new life.

Harley-Davidson is offering a couple of different kits with the Screamin’ Eagle line-up depending on what you’re looking for. I’m not going to get into too much detail regarding each kit, otherwise, this would be a 900-word press release of just numbers and parts, and if you’re interested in something along those lines you can find exactly that, right here.

At the end of the day, all this boils down to is a ridiculous amount of part selection when upgrading your Milwaukee Eight crate motor. From injectors to cylinders all of these parts are covered by their 24-month warranty if you get the kit installed at a dealership... Or you could save a bit of coin and buy that extra part you couldn’t afford and do it yourself.