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Guy Martin Recreates the Famous ‘The Great Escape’ Jump

Guy Martin

One of the Most Iconic Movie Scenes Ever

Just to be clear, the video below doesn’t show the jump, but Martin did make it. That jump attempt will air on December 8. However, the video below does a good job of setting up the event by providing interviews with numerous people involved in the project and Guy Martin.

The Great Escape is one of the best WWII movies that’s not really about the war. It’s about prisoners and the escape they make. In the film, one of the most iconic scenes is Steve McQueen, playing Captain Virgil Hilts, as he attempts to jump over fences on a Triumph TR6 Trophy model disguised as German BMW R75.

Guy Martin attempted this same jump at the same location on the modern equivalent to the Triumph TR6 Trophy motorcycle. The motorcycle Martin used was a Triumph Scrambler 1200. That bike had to be modified for the attempt.

The goal of the jump is to actually make it over both the five-foot fence and the eight-foot fence. In the film, McQueen only manages to get over the five-foot and is stuck in the eight-foot portion of the fence. According to the Daily Mail, Martin made the jump but he did clip the fence on the way down. The Great Escape documentary will debut on December 8.