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Grab a coffee, but don’t congregate

Pandemic ride responsibly

Queensland riders have been urged not to congregate around cafes when they stop for a takeaway coffee while out on a recreational ride from this Saturday.

Restrictions are being eased from Saturday (2 May 2020) to allow riders to travel 50km for leisure.

Cafe owners on popular motorcycle routes are encouraging riders to stop and grab a takeaway coffee or brekky roll, so long as they don’t congregate.

Mt Glorious Cafe owner Hugh Douglas plans to reopen for takeaways only on Saturday and Sunday to gauge support.

The cafe closed a few weeks ago after one “nasty” neighbour complained to police that riders were congregating.

Do not congregate

Pandemic ride responsibly“We will put up signs asking riders not to congregate,” Hugh says.

“But we are hoping we won’t get closed down again like last time.

“There was one nasty person who lives down the road who took photos of riders congregating outside and sent them to the police.

“We had a few visits from the police who told us we must not cause people to congregate.

“But it’s pretty hard for riders to go too far with a takeaway coffee on a bike.

“In the end, we had to close down. But with this new 50km rule we will reopen and try again.

“So long as riders stand 1.5m apart how is it any different from people lining up to get into Bunnings?”

Restrictions easedMt Glorious pass overtake over solid white lines warning

From Saturday 2 May, Queenslanders can ride for recreation up to 50km radius from their home, but not across any borders

Riders are advised that social distancing still applies which means no congregating at stops.

They must also ride in ones or twos or with several members of the same household.

You can also ride for compassionate reasons to visit a relative or close friend. No distance form home is stipulated.

Police have been ordered to use “compassion”, so make sure your reason for riding is legitimate.

The Health Department and Queensland Police now say pillions are allowed.

State Disaster Co-ordinator Steve Gollschewski says police will “assist people to understand the new rules but will still enforce flagrant breaches”.

“Police will be understanding but this isn’t an invitation for people to undo everyone’s hard work,” he says.

We saw Sydney beaches opened up last week only to be quickly closed again when they became crowded.