He says he will not comment on the Ombudsman’s report, but says the administrators are sitting on £16 million cash from [the] Norton asset sale with a further several million expected to come in from Norton property sales.

“The money is not ‘missing’. It is all in the business and its assets,” he told Business Live.

“No-one has agreed what the pension investor amount is yet. But with £16 million in cash and several million of property assets to come in, it looks likely they will receive all their capital back.”Asked what he was now doing he said: “Currently working with DBO to ensure a strong property sale across Donington Hall and the Priest House [Hotel}

“I’ve lost everything with Norton, so I’ve no idea what the future holds yet.”

The pensions payback is not Garner’s only worries as the UK government may investigate almost £8m in funding and loans to Norton Motorcycles which went into administration in January following £300,000 in unpaid taxes.  While the debts were piling up, Garner and his wife, Susie, were spotted dining out at an elite restaurant, The Ivy, where a steak costs about £30 (about $A60). Motorcycle journalists also report that Garner had attended international motorsport events and put on lavish motorcycle launches. He also lived in lavish surroundings in Donington Castle where Norton motorcycles are also manufactured.