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Flannel Lined Jeans

Maverick "Sidewinders" Polartec Polar Flannel Lined Jeans

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Sitting in a Doctor’s office waiting room a couple of days ago, I was struck by how many people were wearing jeans.  I thought jeans were passé, surpassed by baggy chinos, cargo pants and sweats.

I guess I’m out of step with the latest fashions yet again…

Jeans are OK, but I only wear them if I’m actually working on a bike in the garage or doing some yard work.  They just seem too casual for the Doctor’s office or a plane trip, but I’m old school, so what do I know?

Besides, jeans just seem too bulky to me, and I’ve never felt as comfortable in jeans as I do in a softer and thinner pair of chinos, for example.  Only occasionally do I wear jeans when riding a motorcycle, and then it’s only with myTourmaster overpants on top.

But to many motorcycle riders, jeans are it.  That’s fine, but let me make a suggestion: at least check out a set of Bohn body armor to wear underneath, because jeans offer about 0.05% more protection against road rash than bare skin.

So why a jeans review?  Well, the webBikeWorld reviews of Draggin’ Jeans and Diamond Gusset Jeans have actually proven to be fairly popular, so we figured, why not?  Besides, I was searching for something on the Construction Safety Products Outdoors website, and I came across these Maverick Polartec flannel lined jeans for sale, so I ordered a pair on a lark.

I’m glad I did – these are definitely the most comfortable jeans I’ve ever worn.  The combination of the very-broken-in denim and the super-soft Polartec flannel lining gives them an ultra-comfortable feel, kind of like wearing pajamas.

The flannel feels great against my skin, and the bonus is that they’re nice and toasty warm in the cool fall weather that has arrived here in the northern hemisphere.  I don’t even bother with “normal” jeans under the Tourmaster overpants.  The combination of the Maverick flannel lined jeans and the Tourmasters makes for a very comfy and warm ride.

Just for kicks, I threw a pair of Diamond Gusset jeans on the scale, and they weighed in at 1.6 lbs.  The flannel adds about a half-pound, because the Sidewinders of the exact same size weigh 2.1 lbs.

CSP has all sorts of hard-core products for loggers, construction workers, linemen and other rugged outdoor jobs.  You may have to search for “Maverick” on their site, because these pants are well-hidden.  They’re not cheap, at $59.95 the pair, but they’re really so buttery soft and comfortable that it’s worth it.

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Product Review:  Maverick Polartec Flannel Lined Jeans
Available From:  CSP Outdoors Suggested Retail Price:  $59.95
Colors:  Blue jean blue (stone washed) Made in:  U.S.A.
Product Comments:  Super soft, super comfortable, warm.


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