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Female riders more safety conscious

Women riders female

Female riders are more safety conscious and more interested in the rest stops along the way than looking at the scenery, according to our recent global survey.

While male and female motorcycle riders share a lot of similar interests and habits in our survey of 739 readers, there were a few points where they varied substantially.

It seems women are more cautious than men when it comes to riding. When asked for their main concerns 76.9% of males voted for road safety, but among women it was 82.5%.

They are also less interested in a challenging road or scenery. When asked for their interests while riding, 70.6% of men nominated challenging roads compared with 60.3% women and a surprising 91.8% of men voted for scenery but only 84.5% of women.Female rider Zenith Irfan defies pakistan taboos

It seems females are disadvantaged by the lack of facilities along the way with 39.5% saying toilets at service stations are most important compared with only 14.5% of men who can use the bush as their personal latrine.

Also, 44.7% of women say a shady rest area is important compared with 33.3% of men.

Women also want a nice restaurant or cafe as their riding destination with 65.5% nominating it as important compared with 49.6%  of men.

Also, we found that women are more likely to ride weekly (63.3% compared with 58.4%) and half as likely to be daily commuters (21.1% compared with 42.1%).

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