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FD Motors F3-E and F5-E Electric Scooter

FD Motors electric scooter

For the Youths

If you’re a teen in Italy and you need to get around, there’s a couple of new electric scooters that you should check out. The FD Motors F3-E and F5-E. These scooters can be ridden by anyone 14 years old or older, according to RideApart, and they offer folks a good way to scoot around town.

The F3-E is a scooter that comes with a 2000W motor is powered by a 72V 32Ah battery. Its top speed is restricted to about 28 mph. The bike can do 56 miles per charge, which is pretty darn good.

The F5-E is has a 3000W motor, and it is powered by the same 72V 32Ah battery. The top speed on this bad boy is about 47 mph. The range on this scooter is 53 miles, but if you’re zooming around at 47 mph all the time, you can expect to get far less. Both models can take up to four hours to charge.

These scooters feature retro styling and instrumentation and are just simple commuting machines, but they get the job done and come with reasonable price tags. The F3-E has a price tag of $3,798 and the F5-E has a price tag of $4,393.