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Exan Exhaust Options for KTM 1290 Super Duke

The Composer for Your V-Twin Orchestra Has Arrived

The KTM 1290 Super Duke is an absolute monster of a motorcycle. With the R edition producing 180 horsepower out of its V-twin engine configuration, it should come to nobodies surprise that many riders will be quick to swap out the stock exhaust for something a little bit rowdier.

Exan has released three slip-on exhausts each for the 1290 Super Duke R and GT versions respectively. These exhausts will connect to the stock pipe without any modifications necessary, so no need to pay a shop extra labor fees to get that beautiful V-twin singing.

Exan X-Black Oval

First off, we have the X-Black Oval version available in four different material/color options; light/black satin steel, carbon, and titanium. The X-Black Oval is – in my opinion – the most aesthetically pleasing exhaust they are offering as it compliments the lines of the Super Duke quite well. Exan claims that the Oval will be lighter than the stock exhaust regardless of what color option you may choose. Pricing is 355.50 euros across all versions making it the most expensive model of the three.

Exan X-GP

The X-GP features a rounder construction with the same color/material options available as the X-Black Oval and comes with a 337.50 euro price tag regardless of what material option you choose.

Exan Carbon Cap

Finally, the Carbon Oval Cap provides a softly rounded silhouette with material options including carbon, titanium, steel, and black stainless steel. Exan is offering it for 346.50 euros.

These exhausts are available on the Exan official website and it appears like all three exhaust options are currently on a 10% off sale; so get em’ while you can!