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Energica Electric Motorcycle Pre-Orders Are Way Up

Selling More Electric Bikes

The Italian electric motorcycle company Energica has already seen over 40 percent of 2019 year-end numbers. The company implemented a new pre-sale program to collect customer orders and that plus the introduction of a new battery pack has seen orders for the bikes skyrocket.

The new power unit is a 21.5 kWh option. The company showcased it in Milan last November and now it’s ready for pre-orders and will go on 2020 bikes. The pre-sale orders are mostly coming from Europe and the U.S. This doesn’t come as a surprise and those are the markets that Energica is actually targeting.

With this new battery, the company offers some of the best specs out there. According to RideApart, the fast-charge mode is supposed to be 82 percent faster than any existing electric bike. The new Eva Ribelle is supposed to offer customers industry-leading power, torque, and top speed.

Right now the company is sitting at 1.4 million Euros in pre-order sales. The challenge now is to make sure it can deliver when it comes to actually putting out the bikes. Energica has previously made very high-quality machines, and the company is supposed to be ramping up production to meet demand. It will be interesting to see how high the sales numbers climb in the coming months.