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Embrace Fun With This Vintage KTM Enduro Video

Tom Mason KTM

The Video We All Needed Right Now

While you’re all cooped up inside, one of the things that should help is knowing that someday you’ll be able to get back out there on your bike and ride. To indulge in a little ridiculousness this morning, I wanted to show you all a video of a goofy guy taking out his vintage KTM 250 Enduro for a good hard ride. 

The guy in the video, Tom Mason, who is a professional racer, definitely plays up the retro aspect of the bike with some cheesy music, a silly wig, headband, killer dance moves and a whole lot of dirt-slinging hooning on the back of his KTM. Watch him take on trails, pop wheelies, slog through puddles and pull a beer out of a lake.

It’s all in good fun, and it should serve as a reminder that we will all soon be able to get back out into the world and enjoy all that it has to offer, preferably from the back of a vintage motorcycle. The YouTube channel Life of Loam has many other great videos, too, so if you’re looking for some good video content that’s one place to go. If you just want to see Mason doing his thing, check out the video below.