Elf Moto Chain Lube

Elf Moto Chain Lube

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Elf Moto Chain Lube is made in the U.S.A. by Elf, a French petroleum company.

Elf says this is an “extreme pressure grease” with “exceptional adhesive properties”.

The sprayer on our can isn’t very efficient; it seems like too much of the product is wasted. It needs a more focused delivery mechanism.

We think the tendency is to overspray when using the thick lubes and users tend to try and cover the chain with lube, when all that’s really necessary is to get a little bit in the right place.

We’re just not convinced that these thick types of motorcycle chain lubes actually penetrate down into the side plates. Our experience shows that Elf Moto Chain Lube should be applied to a warm chain for best results.

Elf Moto Chain Lube
Type: Spray Wax/Grease
Cost: High (More Info)
Efficiency: Low
Sprayer: Poor
Fling-off: Low
Sticky Factor: Low
Availability: Poor (wBW Store)
Manufacturer: Elf Moto
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Elf Moto Chain Lube

Publication Date: June 2008

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