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Electric trike replacing postie bike

Australia Post postie bike electric trike eDV
Australia Post postie bike electric trike eDV

The next time you buy from the MotorbikeWriter online gear shop, your purchase could arrive by a Swiss-made Kyburz electric trike rather than a traditional Postie bike.

An increasing trend in online shopping has led to an explosion of parcel deliveries that have become more and more difficult to carry on a two-wheeler.

The new electric trike has a top speed of 45km/h and can carry up to 100 small parcels and 1200 letters at a time, three times more than the old Postie bike.postie bike sales tumble electric trike

Australia Post has now ordered 1000 electric delivery vehicles (eDVs) after a successful two-month trial of three trikes in Brisbane last year.

They start arriving in June in all states and could eventually replace the traditional Postie bike.

That’s good news for lovers of the little Honda as there could be a lot hitting the market later this year at bargain prices.

However, it may eventually lead to a scarcity of the popular machines.

Electric trike

Australia Post Group Chief Operating Officer Bob Black says the 1000 eDVs will become the nation’s largest electric vehicle fleet.

“With parcel volumes growing – on average, close to 10% each year for the last three years – and letter volumes declining, we’re always looking for ways to ensure our posties continue to play an important and sustainable role in the community,” he says.

“These vehicles offer additional carrying capacity, so our posties can deliver more parcels than ever before directly to the customer’s door – and can perform additional functions, such as collecting mail from street posting boxes.”

‘Safer and greener’Australia Post postie bike electric trike eDV

Along with delivery benefits, Bob reckons the electric vehicles also have safety and environmental benefits.

“The eDVs are safer than the traditional motorcycle. They are easier to see on the road, more stable, have increased rider protection and lower on-road speeds, all of which reduce a postie’s exposure to incidents and serious accidents,” he says.

“We started trialling eDVs in 2017 and we’ve since deployed them in all states. We have worked closely with our posties to make improvements along the way.

“Our posties love the eDVs because they demonstrate our commitment to providing safer and more sustainable employment into the future, given consumers are sending fewer letters and relying more and more on their postie to deliver their parcels.

“They will also help us achieve our commitment of reducing our carbon emissions by 25% by 2020.”

(Shame that most of them will be powered by electricity from coal-fired power stations!)

Australia Post will also roll out an additional 4000 electric pushbikes, bringing its total to 5980 over the next three years.

Kyburz tech specs

Maximum speed 45km/h
Range up to 100km
Electricity costs CHF 0.82 / 100km
Charging time 7 – 10 hours
Dimensions (LxWxH) 265/96/179cm
  1. Lower on road speeds are safer ????? I would disagree that doing 45kph on a 60 kph road is safer.

  2. They wont be able to fit on a number of delivery runs because there are no footpaths. There will not be enough room to travel down the grass verge, so I guess the postie will be in and out of that seat a lot more as they leave it parked on the road.

  3. Was a postie for a few years and my delivery run would not allow for safe delivery of mail, to many tree’s n don’t see anyone out running a dog on this thing… The only reason for this is parcels. The post office is taking more parcels away from the contractor that do the parcel delivery now….. and you can’t deliver to the door as a postie is not to leave the/any mail unattended.

  4. another bad idea by post people who haven’t got a clue about delivery !!! to big and clumsy how can they be safer !!! we are losing money every year so why would you invest on a vehicle that costs $20,000 !!!! this will take all day to deliver over time will go through the roof absolute madness !!!! the trialshaven’t worked and never will !!!! have they thought of how your supposed to deliver 5 lots of house holders some weeks !!!!! give us our postie bikes back I’ve been a happy postie for 33yrs Not now

  5. 19 years delivering mail from a motorbike , and never had an accident. 3 months on one of these edv’s ,and I flipped it on to it’s side into on-coming traffic. Honestly – you could flip these things doing 10kph!

  6. We use to get all our mail delivered to the door because my partner is disabled and getting to the post office is next to impossible. Now more than half the time the postie refuses to drive to the door because this bike apparently doesn’t have the power to go up a medium steep driveway safely.

  7. The Antarctic Division introduced Honda 3 wheelers back in 1990. DON’T brake and turn at the same time! I speak as one who knows! The accident rate was so bad they were discontinued. The quads were much better

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