Electric Motorcycles are Coming to Kill Your Gasoline-Powered Bikes

Electric Motorcycles are Coming to Kill Your Gasoline-Powered Bikes

The Electrified Future Is Now

Don’t be fooled by the unassuming plug in the wall, electric motorcycles are the silent but deadly bikes of the future. Like Great White Sharks, the electric two-wheelers are lurking in the dark water ready to take down their louder and more conventional internal combustion brethren. Here are the six news stories from the last two weeks that prove it.

1. The Zero SR/F Will Be The Company’s Most Powerful Bike Yet


2. Yamaha Gets Weird With MOTOROiD Concept Bike and Wins an Award


3. Are These Onyx Electric Mopeds The Perfect Urban Commuter Bikes?


4. Recent Patent Filings Appeared for What Looks Like an Electric Kawasaki


5. Druid Motorcycles Shows Off Hybrid And Electric Bikes


6. Lightning Motorcycles Teases More of Its New Strike



That’s the latest onslaught of electric bike news.