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Ducati’s COVID-19 Programs Provide Good April Results

2020 Ducati XDiavel / XDiavel S

It Also Sets Ducati Up for Success Post-Lockdown

Ducati was able to institute a couple of programs during the COVID-19 pandemic, and those programs have helped the company see good sales results in April and should set the company up for success later on, according to an email I was sent. The Ducati Delivers program and the Ducati Cares program both appear to be successes. 

Ducati Delivers is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a home delivery service and a contactless dealership protocol. The program is designed to allow dealerships to be able to continue selling motorcycles during the pandemic. Obviously, individual dealerships must comply with local ordinances, but if they do that, they can still operate. This program has yielded good results in key markets. Ducati points to a 24 percent increase in sales from New York’s flagship store and some other good results from markets like California and Florida dealerships. 

Ducati Cares is a program that launched to get Ducati dealerships ready to re-open their doors once the impacts of the pandemic are passed. Its focus is on making the dealership as safe and inviting to customers as possible post-pandemic. This includes recommending the proper PPE, making sure there’s disinfectant on hand, visual indications of social distancing guidelines, and new policies for staff to ensure everyone is staying safe. 

“Our dealer network is a critical element of getting the best out of the Ducati experience and we’ve worked directly with them to establish clear protocols to support our customers remotely and now to welcome them back into their trusted dealerships as the local environments improve,” said Jason Chinnock, Chief Executive Officer of Ducati North America. 

It’s good to see Ducati taking these necessary steps during the pandemic, and I’m also glad to hear that people keep buying Ducatis even during this health crisis.