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Ducati Tops 53,000 Sales in 2019

Ducati Monster gas tank
Image from Ducati

Across 90 Different Countries

If you’re a fan of Italian bikes, then it should please you to know that Ducati had a great year in 2019. The company sold 53,183 motorcycles in 90 different countries. Italy remains the company’s number one market, but China, Brazil, and Spain are gaining ground quickly. The company recently put out a press release showing how well sales went in 2019.

The company sold about 180 more motorcycles this year than they did last year. Granted that’s not a wild number, but most companies are interested in incremental growth, and that’s exactly what Ducati’s numbers have shown. One bike in particular that stands out is the Panigale. It is the world’s best-selling superbike. Ducati sold more than 8,300 of these motorcycles in 2019.

“2019 was a tough but also rewarding year. We’re working to make Ducati the world’s most desirable motorcycle brand”, stated Claudio Domenicali, CEO of Ducati Motor Holding, “and the results we’re achieving, the development of the range and the market response all confirm we’re on the right track.”

It’s important to note that sales in the U.S. were down by about two percent when compared to 2018. Motorcycle sales in the U.S. haven’t been strong this year. Motorcycle sales, in general, have struggled this year even in some of the more active markets. So, it’s even more impressive that Ducati was able to see growth. It’s not the only bike manufacturer out there to pull this off, but it’s safe to say that many brands struggled in 2019.