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Ducati E-Bicycle; Coming to a Dealership Near You

Since the release of the Ducati Electric Bicycle lineup announced in 2018, there has been much anticipation for Ducati fans in the US. The E-bike line has only been available for purchase in Europe, until now. The bikes are built by THOK E-Bikes, an Italian company, licensed by Ducati for these builds. 

As also mentioned by, Ducati will have two of their three E-bikes coming to the US later this month, while the third is to be released sometime in February 2021. They will certainly have their bases covered with these two models. They have both Urban and Offroad options available to be purchased from select Ducati Dealers. So be ready to download Strava and get bragging rights of dominating the bike trails. 

Which Models Are Coming to the US?

The Ducati E-Scrambler is the ultimate solution for urban trekking. Its alloy frame comes standard with brand name parts including Shimano (Motor & Battery), Sram (Brakes & Drivetrain), and Suntour (Forks). If you’re not well versed in the bicycle world let alone the E-bike world, let’s just say these parts are quality and will certainly perform when put to the pavement.

Now let’s say you’re looking to get a little more serious about trail riding. Thus the Ducati MIG-S. Along with a lightweight aluminum frame, the MIG-S comes with some beefy suspension, great for those demanding hill climbs and rough descents. Equipped with 150mm of front travel and 140mm in the rear, the MIG-S is classed as a “Trail” bike in the biking community. Making the MIG-S more than capable of some extra spirited trail rides.

Ducati E ScramblerOk, a Ducati E-Bike. How Much?

While the E-Scrambler typically sells for around USD 4,200 in Europe, it will be priced at a cool $3,995, once it gets to the US. Not bad for an E-Bike that comes with a 250 watt Shimano motor, and comes with a dropper post (once you have one, you can’t ride without it). 

The Ducati MIG-S, a full suspension E-bike, packed with 4 piston SRAM Guide T brakes, 12-speed SRAM SX drivetrain, and a Shimano Steps E8000 motor, will start at $5,295

Where do I Get One?

Ducati has released a list of 24 Ducati dealers to carry the E-Bikes.