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Ducati Child Motorcycle

Ducati Monster by Peg Pérego

Ducati motorcycle for children aged 3 and up.

Peg Pérego, in close cooperation with Ducati, has reproduced a faithful scale model of one of Ducati’s most successful motorcycles, the Ducati Monster.

Peg Pérego is somewhat familiar in the U.S.A. as a maker of carriages. The company was started in Italy with the creation of a baby carriage for Giuseppe Pérego’s son in 1949, a time when baby carriages were made only by small cottage-industry creators.

Mr. Pérego hand-built the frame while his wife created the fabric coverings for a fashionable carriage they would use on neighborhood walks. This carriage caught the attention of other parents who admired its unique design and appearance.  In response to these parents’ requests for their own carriages, Peg Pérego was born.

Here are some of the carefully studied details of the Peg Pérego Ducati Monster.

The new Monster is powered by a 12-Volt, 8-Ah rechargeable battery which ensures 1 hour play.

It has a maximum speed of 7.5 km/h and it includes battery and battery charger.

It is equipped with stabilizers (aka “training wheels”) that can be removed when the child has become familiar with the motorcycle and has acquired a sense of balance.

The motorcycle also features an accelerator handle and pedal brake.  It is claimed to be suitable for different types of terrain, including bumpy ground, and can climb a 10% slope.

It is also suitable for use in private places (not in public areas devoted to the circulation of pedestrians, vehicles and animals) and complies with Directive 88/378/EC on toy safety, approved by a European Quality Certification Institute.

The Peg Pérego Ducati Monster is the perfect way for kids, from 3 – 8 years old, to enter the world of motorcycling.  This mini Monster will give your child an authentic sports motorcycling experience, thanks to care in reproducing the details of the original Ducati Monster: rear-view mirrors, horn, headlights and even the well-known roar of the Ducati engine.

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