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Ducati Celebrates Fabio Taglioni’s Career in a Video Series

fabio taglioni documentary series

The Man Who Helped Make Ducati

Fabio Taglioni was an integral part in Ducati’s journey to today. He joined the company in 1954. He was fresh off helping Mondial win races and accepted an offer from Ducati, which wanted to win races and make its mark. He then crafted the Gran Sport 100 in just 40 days.

From there he went on to change the future of Ducati both on the racetrack and on the street. If you’ve ever been a fan of desmodromic valves, L-twin engines, trellis frames, or really anything that makes Ducati what it is today, then you’ve appreciated Taglioni’s work.

Ducati recently put out a video series honoring the man that helped it become what it is today. The voice-over is in Italian, but there’s good captioning, and it’s easy to follow, heartfelt, and important. It’s good to see Ducati looking back and honoring the man behind the brand.

Called “Fabio Taglioni: A Life of Passion” the full series is up on YouTube right now. I’ve included the first episode below, but you can go to Ducati’s YouTube channel to see all of them.