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Did Kawasaki Buy Bimota?

Kawasaki Meguro
Image from Kawasaki

It Is Possible but Unknown

It seems the rumor this morning is that Kawasaki bought Bimota. However, these rumors are as of yet unsubstantiated. According to MoreBikes, Kawasaki purchased Bimota from Swiss entrepreneurs Marco Chiancianesi and Daniele Longoni. MoreBikes isn’t the only publication reporting on these rumors, and that suggests there may be some validity to them. Of course, it could all be hearsay.

Apparently, the Italian publication GPOne reported that the takeover of the company will happen in the next few days. This could be an interesting development for both companies. Giuseppe Morri, one of the founders of Bimota, told Italian press that he has no precise information but “rumors that in recent days are spinning insistently.”

If this is true, it might mean a resurgence for the Bimota brand. The company hasn’t put out a new motorcycle since the Impeto back in 2015. It was a naked bike that features a Ducati-derived supercharged engine. The bike failed to be a big hit. It’ll be interesting to see what Kawasaki does with the brand if it decides to go through with the deal as the rumors suggest. I would love to see more Bimotas hit the streets.