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Damon Motorcycles Will Do a Demo Tour for Its New Bike

Damon Motorcycles

Here’s Your Chance

If you live on the West Coast and have any interest in electric motorcycles or artificial intelligence, then you need to be at the 2019 TechCrunch Sessions in San Jose, California. There Damon Motorcycles will launch its proof of concept Halo bike.

The company will be showcasing all that its motorcycle can do. It will also allow people to demo the bike and start a demo tour along the West Coast. The kick-off event will happen on July 10 at the TechCrunch Sessions.

The bike itself is an impressive one. The company has done far more than just build an electric motorcycle. The bike adapts to its surroundings and its rider. The handlebars telescope up and down and the footpegs move for a more or less aggressive riding position, depending on what you want. There’s also a 360-degree artificial intelligence safety system that’s always monitoring your surroundings.

The idea behind the bike overall is to provide safer, smarter, and more adaptable motorcycle. If the company’s bike works as they say it does, then color me impressed. If this is the future of motorcycling, I’m all for it. You’d only need one bike, and it’d be safer than any other bike you own.

If this bike sounds enticing to you, check out the test ride registration page. Once you’ve signed up, you will be contacted by Damon to choose a test time and date.