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Could Kawasaki’s Rumored Four-Cylinder ZX-25R Come in Two Versions?

Kawasaki ZX-25R

Two Power Variants? Why Not

A while back I reported on the fact that the Kawasaki ZX-25R could gain two cylinders. That information came from the publication Young Machine. Now it seems that the model has been confirmed for the Indonesian market and will debut at the Tokyo Motor Show, according to RideApart.

That’s not the super interesting news, though. What I find most interesting is that Iwanbanaran, an Indonesian blog, is now reporting there will be two versions of the motorcycle. 

According to the report, there will be two different variants of Kawasaki’s motorcycle available. The two different versions will have different power outputs. This means there will be a 45 hp one and then a 59 hp one. It’s not totally clear why Kawasaki would have two different variants.

RideApart suggests that the already somewhat high price for the bike necessitates the inclusion of the lower power and likely lower price version of the motorcycle. That makes sense to me. If Kawasaki wants to move a bunch of these motorcycles, the company should do everything it can to make them widely appealing. Having one with a lower price is certainly a way of doing that.