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Comoto Launches Month-Long ‘The Ride Is Calling’ Charity Campaign


Comoto: Revzilla, Cycle Gear, J&P Cycles

If you want to raise money for the National Motorcycle Safety Fund, The Kurt Caselli Foundation, and the Motorcycle Relief Project, you should participate in Comoto’s The Ride is Calling Charity Ride. This fundraiser has a goal of raising $100,000 to support these motorcycle organizations, which support motorcycle riders and motorcycling in general everywhere.

The weekend of June 19th through the 21st, The Ride is Calling Charity Ride will partner with Rever (an app for trip planning and tracking your miles) to track your ride. The goal is to put down 300,000 miles. For those three days, every 10 miles ridden, Comoto will donate $1. Additionally, on Saturday, June 20, Comoto is taking five percent off all in-store sales. This counts for Cycle Gear, Revzilla, and J&P Cycles.

“This is the time to support our communities and we are elated to partner with three great organizations to launch a fun, interactive campaign that will have an impact on the industry,” said Ken Murphy, CEO of Comoto Holdings. “This is particularly symbolic right now as motorcycling is a social distancing activity so our hope is that the ride weekend will provide a sense of normality and togetherness. We want to encourage riders everywhere to use their passion for riding to support the motorcycling community.” 

If you’d like to make donations yourself. You can do so through the charity ride pages on Revzilla’s website, Cycle Gear’s website, or J&P Cycles website.