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Comoto Acquires REVER

Comoto and REVER

The Comoto Family Grows Again

Comoto Holdings recently acquired REVER, the GPS app company for motorcycles, off-roaders, and adventure riders. The two companies had collaborated in the past, but now it seems that Comoto has managed to purchase REVER, adding to its already large family of brands that include Revzilla, Cycle Gear, and J&P Cycles.

Near the beginning of 2020, I had a chance to chat with Ken Murphy, Comoto’s new CEO. We discussed a lot of things, including the then-new J&P Cycles acquisition. At that time, no mention of acquiring REVER was discussed, though I didn’t even think to bring it up.

Later in 2020 Comoto and REVER collaborated on a charity ride event called The Ride Is Calling Charity Campaign, which managed to raise quite a lot of money for motorcycle organizations. According to the recent press release, now Comoto can do those kinds of fundraisers more easily more often.

“One of Comoto’s core values is to ‘Share the Road,’ a commitment to putting people first,” said Murphy in the release of this news. “With the addition of REVER, we now have the opportunity to literally do this–to help people share their favorite roads with their fellow riders. Comoto’s commitment to the powersports industry goes beyond providing high-quality gear and best-in-class customer service; we’re looking through the curve for ways to foster a more engaged and better-served community of riders, and to help ensure a continued bright future for the industry.”

This is an exciting thing to see. If Comoto is going to be doing more charity rides, I’m all for it. It will be interesting to see how else Comoto can utilize REVER to help support the motorcycling community and its gear business.