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Commuters Turn to Motorcycles and Scooters in the Wake of COVID-19

Vespa GTS scooter
Image from Piaggio Group

Scooters Lead the Charge in the UK

It appears that folks don’t want to ride in taxis and public transit anymore. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, they want to be alone, and in many cases on a scooter. According to Motorcycle News, scooter sales in the UK went up by 56.6 percent in the month of July. Two-wheeled vehicle sales, in general, went up by 41.9 percent. 

June sales were up considerably, too in Europe, but July beat out June considerably. The Motorcycle Industry Association told Motorcycle News: “It’s not surprising that registrations have exploded as more people realized what our continental cousins have known for years: PTWs (powered two-wheelers) are easy to ride and park, convenient, inexpensive, and good fun.”

Commuters lead the increase in sales. Instead of taking the bus or the train or other forms of public transit, people are turning to life on two wheels to get to work. It makes sense. It’s cheaper than a car and keeps you away from people who could get you sick with a potentially deadly disease. 

Dealers told Motorcycle News that had they had more bikes in stock, they would have sold more in July. There simply weren’t enough of the popular models to go around. It will be interesting to see if these high sales continue into fall and winter.