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Clover Tekno Jacket

Clover Tekno Jacket Review

Clover Tekno Jacket
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Clover Tekno Jacket Review Summary
Review Summary
Clover Tekno jacket also has stylish good looks and outstanding quality. And it's waterproof! The search for the ultimate motorcycle jacket is over. You can spend more and not get the certified levels of protection. The Clover Tekno jacket is one of the very few motorcycle jackets certified to meet the standards that motorcyclists' expect for all their protective gear.
Outstanding construction and detailing
Feels very protective yet comfortable
Meets or exceeds the various EC standards described above
Expanded size and color range
Armor in shoulders and elbows meets Level 1 standards only
Back protector not included, Main zipper is not two-way
nor does it have a locking slider
A Good Buy

The Clover Tekno jacket is the world’s first motorcycle jacket with detachable layers that is certified to the CE EN-13595 series Level 2 standard. The series includes three of the most important tests for motorcycle clothing: EN 13595-2 impact abrasion resistance; EN 13595-3 for burst strength and EN 13595-4 for impact cut resistance.

These are the highest level of protective standards currently available for motorcycle clothing. Because it meets and exceeds the Level 2 standard, the Tekno jacket is actually classified as a Personal Protective Device (PPD) in EU parlance.

But beyond all of these technical standards for protection and safety, the Clover Tekno jacket also has stylish good looks and outstanding quality. And it’s waterproof!

What does this mean for motorcyclists? The search for the ultimate motorcycle jacket is over. You can spend more and not get the certified levels of protection. Or you can take a chance and spend less and never know how the jacket will perform when it counts.

UPDATE: The Clover Tekno jacket is the webBikeWorld 2012 Motorcycle Jacket of the Year!


EN 13595 Standards and Testing Procedures Explained

I first described the Clover Tekno WP jacket in this report from the 2011 EICMA show in Milan, Italy in November of 2011.

The Tekno WP (Waterproof) jacket is the first to meet the highest levels of protection currently available for motorcycle clothing. I’ll explain all about that in some detail in this section.

This is an important milestone in motorcycle apparel.

For many years, we have been bemoaning the fact that it’s impossible to know whether a motorcycle jacket or a pair of pants will actually do what it’s supposed to do when the time comes: protect the rider in a crash.

Motorcycle jacket prices can range all the way up to $1,000.00 or more for high-end clothing like the Rev’it Everest GTX (review). But the question has always remained: do higher prices actually buy more protection?

Clover Tekno Jacket Front Views

You might think that spending more money would get you better protection (and I’m sure the manufacturers would also like you to think so), but if the clothing doesn’t meet international standards and if it isn’t certified by testing laboratories, you’ll never really know.

Well, now you do.

The Clover Tekno WP jacket and pants have been designed, manufactured and tested to the EN-13595-1 standards series. These standards include:

  • EN 340: Protective clothing (general requirements).
  • EN 1621-1: Motorcyclist protective clothing against mechanical impact (requirements and test methods for impact protectors).
  • ISO 105: Textiles (tests for color fastness).
  • ISO 3635:1981: Size designation of clothes (definitions and body measurement procedure).
  • ISO 4674:1977: Fabrics coated with rubber or plastics (determination of tear resistance).
  • EN 13595-2: Protective clothing for professional motorcycle riders (jackets, trousers and one-piece or divided suits, test method for determination of impact abrasion resistance).
  • EN 13595-3: Protective clothing for professional motorcycle riders (jackets, trousers and one-piece or divided suits – test method for determination of burst strength).
  • EN 13595-4: Protective clothing for professional motorcycle riders (jackets, trousers and one-piece or divided suits – test method for determination of impact cut resistance).

The most important standards for motorcyclists are the EN 13595-2 test method for determination of impact abrasion resistance and the EN 13595-3 test method for determination of burst strength.

Also the EN 13595-4 test method for determination of impact cut resistance. They have been highlighted above.

Clover Tekno Jacket Protection Zones
Clover Tekno Jacket Protection Zones.

The EN 13595 standard divides the jacket into four different protection zones. Zones 1 and 2 (graphic above) are the most critical zones, designated as “More Performing”. They are located at the impact and abrasion areas of the shoulders and elbows and they require Level 2 protection.

Zones 3 and 4 are classified as “More Comfortable” and they can meet Level 1 protection standards at a minimum. When combined with the Level 2 protection in Zones 1 and 2, the jacket can meet the EN-13595 standard as a Level 2 Personal Protective Device.

However, note that the Clover Tekno jacket is certified as Level 2 for EN 13595-2, EN 13595-3 and EN 12595-4 abrasion resistance, cut resistance and burst strength in all four zones.

The tests are conducted on the jacket shell, not the waterproof/breathable membrane and insulating liner, which are removed for the test certification.

EN 13595-2 Abrasion Resistance Test

It’s important to note that this test is not a simple Martindale-type of abrasion wear test. The EN 13595-2 test incorporates an initial impact, which simulates a drop to the street or road surface by the rider, which includes a weight or mass inside the fabric.

This is important because the initial impact is when the abrasion reaches its maximum value.

Following is a table that shows the EN 13595 standards for Level 1 and Level 2 impact abrasion values, per the Zones 1-4 illustrated above.

The values are in seconds; i.e., the number of seconds before the material wears through after the initial impact and abrasion.

The Clover Tekno jacket meets or exceeds the Level 2 values in all four tests. This is illustrated in the video above.

EN 13595-2 Impact Abrasion Resistance Test Requirements
Resistance Value Requirement for EN 13595 (in Seconds)
Level 1 Level 2
Zones 1 and 2 4.0 7.0
Zone 3 1.8 2.5
Zone 4 1.0 1.5

EN 13595-4 Impact Cut Resistance Test

This test simulates the impact of a motorcyclist of a certain mass or speed, falling against an object that can cut, such as a guard rail or other metal object found on the street.

The test is conducted with a blade of a standard mass and speed that hits the fabric. The penetration is measured in millimeters.

The Clover Tekno jacket meets or exceeds (is less than) the Level 2 standard in all four zones.

EN 13595-4 Impact Cut Resistance Test Requirements
Resistance Value Requirement for EN 13595 (in mm)
Blade Impact Speed (milliseconds) Maximum Penetration
Level 1 Level 2
Zones 1 and 2 2.8 ms 25 mm 15 mm
Zone 3 2.0 ms 30 mm 25 mm
Zone 4 2.0 ms 35 mm 30 mm

EN 13595-3 Burst Strength Resistance Test

This test determines the burst strength resistance of the stitching on the garment. This is an important test and one which is very rarely quoted by motorcycle clothing manufacturers.

A motorcycle jacket can have good abrasion resistance, but if the stitches fall apart at the first impact, the garment can lose much of its effectiveness with regards to protection.

This test is for the “Structural Strong Layer” of fabric that provides the protection to the rider, not the stitching around the logos or other ornamentation that doesn’t affect the protective properties of the garment.

Note that to meet this standard, the stitching must also meet the abrasion resistance tests. The Clover Tekno jacket meets or exceeds the Level 2 standard in all four zones.

EN 13595-3 Burst Strength Test Requirements
Resistance Value Requirement for EN 13595 (in kPa)
Level 1 Level 2
Zone 1 700 kPa* 800 kPa
Zone 2 700 kPa 800 kPa
Zone 3 500 kPa 600 kPa
Zone 4 400 kPa 450 kPa
Supports 200 kPa 200 kPa
*1 kPa = 0.145 pounds per square inch.

Other Tests

The Clover Tekno jacket meets other testing criteria, such as pH levels that are indicated for the testing requirements; anti-allergenic reaction certifications and color fastness of the materials (ISO 105-E04:2008).

The Tekno jacket also meets the “Withholding” test; that is, it must be certified that the design of the jacket and armor is such that the jacket will stay in place on the rider during the impact.

This is important to verify that the abrasion-resistant material and armor (protectors) will remain in place to protect the rider.

The Tekno jacket has two nylon webbed straps that fit under the jacket, in between the rider’s legs and are fastened with clips on the other side (photo in slide show). These are designed to keep the jacket from sliding up on the rider during a crash.

There is also a test of tear resistance. The structural strong layer is subject to a tearing test, which applies a force of 70N (70 Newton) to one side of the fabric and the fabric has to resist without breakage or losing its texture.

wBW Video: Clover Tekno Jacket and EN 13595-2 Impact Abrasion Testing
Clover Tekno Jacket Label Close-up


Clover Italy

Clover (Italy) is one of the smallest motorcycle clothing manufacturers, but as we have also noted time and again with motorcycle gear, it often happens that the small guys can outsmart the big boys.

For example, Clover produced the “Air-Forced”, the world’s first jacket with a ventilation system, way back in 1986. In 1989, Clover made the “Ghibli”, the world’s first motorcycle jacket with built-in protectors.

The company also made the world’s first waterproof jacket with a detachable membrane; it was introduced in 1995 as the “HP”.

Want more? How about the world’s first two-piece leather suit that allowed its owner to combine jackets and pants of different sizes? That was the 2009 “Multifit”.

And in 2011, Clover released the Tekno WP jacket Triforce pants, the world’s first three-layer jacket certified to the CE EN-13595 series Level 2 standard.

Clover makes very high quality, beautifully designed motorcycle clothing and although it’s not easy to find the brand at retail, even in Europe, it is definitely worth the effort.

Clover Tekno Jacket Side Rear Views

The Clover Tekno WP Jacket Details: Jacket Shell

There’s nothing about the Tekno jacket that stands out as anything that is extraordinarily different. It simply looks like a nicely styled, high-end, 3/4-length textile motorcycle jacket.

But the goodness here is all in the details. The outer fabrics are specially designed for abrasion and cut resistance, so of course, they have to get a name. For the Tekno jacket, it’s “DHP 700” and “IRON 1000” ballistic fabric.

The IRON 1000 ballistic fabric, which can be seen as the high-visibility yellow color in our black/yellow version of the Tekno in the photos, is quite different from other types of motorcycle jacket fabrics we have experienced in the clothing reviews.

The weave is very tight, with a sort of microscopic “chain mail” type of construction. It also feels different from other motorcycle jacket fabrics, with a specially designed finish to resist “grabbing” during an impact and slide.

Clover says that the Tekno outer shell jacket material is also treated to repel water at the outermost boundary layer.

The black “DHP 700” fabric seen in the photos has a rugged and slightly stiff feel and it is also designed to provide the abrasion and cut resistance required to meet the ECE Level 2 PPD standard.

The stitching and construction of the jacket shell is of very high quality, with perfectly aligned stitches, edging and hems. This can be seen in some of the photos below.

The jacket shell closes with Prym brand metal snaps, which are hidden underneath the placket, which also serves as a wind protector. The main zipper is a nylon YKK branded one-way zipper that is non-locking.

We expected to find a two-way zipper with a locking slider, but the standard zipper works well.

The Tekno jacket shell is lined with a “3D” mesh liner on the inside. This is different than the typical liner fitted to motorcycle jackets because it adds a few millimeters of distance between the jacket shell and the rider, which leaves room for air circulation.

Clover Tekno Jacket Elbow

Waterproof and Breathable Liner

The “WP” in the Tekno WP jacket name means waterproof. Counting the outer shell, the Tekno jacket has three layers and it is a four-season garment that is also 100% waterproof.

Besides the water repellent treatment given to the outer shell, the jacket has a removable “Aquazone” waterproof and breathable membrane liner, along with a nicely quilted “MicroValtherm” removable insulating liner.

The waterproof/breathable liner feels more robust and thicker than other membrane liners we’ve reviewed. It is taped and heat sealed at the seams. It is rated at resisting 8000 mm of H2O over 24 hours and the breathability is rated at transferring 10000 grams of H2O per square meter in 24 hours.

The insulating liner attaches to the waterproof/breathable membrane liner with SKA (Italy) zippers along the left and right sides. The waterproof/breathable liner then attaches to the jacket shell with SKA zippers.

It attaches above the sleeve cuffs with dual fabric snap loops. There is enough room above the cuff to allow for tapering to fit inside glove gauntlets.

Clover Tekno Jacket Collar

Clover Tekno Jacket Neck

Tekno Jacket Adjustments

In addition to the overall shape of the jacket and the very form-fitted array of internal armor, the Tekno jacket has several adjustments on the outside of the shell to keep the armor and abrasion-resistant material in place during a crash.

The upper sleeve has a unique adjustment system that features two very heavy-duty metal snaps. The adjuster tab is attached with elastic and hides under the wide rubber-covered strip seen along the upper arm. This is the section with the “CE EN 13595” and “Clover” logos seen in the photos and at the photo at the top of this page.

A second adjustment tab is located at the forearm. This is a simple tab with two adjustments, using the same type of heavy-duty metal snap.

A large waist adjustment belt is located on each side of the jacket, running from the front, just above the waist pocket, along the side and to the rear.

The jacket hem has a two-position snap adjustment along the bottom, located under the arms along the side of the jacket at the hem.

The Tekno collar adjustment system is also unique. It is a heavy-duty Prym brand metal snap. The male part of the snap that is located along the jacket collar is adjustable. It is actually a bolt that attaches to a channel.

Clover provides a miniature 10 mm wrench with the Tekno jacket that can be used to loosen and tighten the snap and move it in the channel to provide a range of adjustment.

The sleeve cuffs have a large tab with hook-and-loop fastener for adjustment. There are no darts sewn into the sleeve cuff but the generous design of the tab allows a good range of adjustment at the sleeve end.

Clover Tekno Jacket Rear Vent
Rear vent can be secured in the open position with a snap.
Clover Tekno Jacket Waist Adjuster
“Air Injector” vent and waist adjustment belt on the front of the Clover Tekno jacket.


Pockets and Vents

The Tekno jacket has two large cargo pockets along the bottom at the front of the jacket that measure approximately 180 mm by 180 mm.

These are sewn directly on to the jacket shell and they are lined with the same heavy-duty waterproof membrane used in the Aquazone jacket liner.

Each pocket secures with two metal Prym snaps, each with a rubber cover on the outside. The inside flap of the pocket folds over to prevent water entry.

Two more waterproof pockets are located vertically at the upper chest, on either side of the main zipper. These open approximately 180 mm and they’re about 120 mm deep. They close with “OPTI” brand zippers.

The Tekno jacket has two horizontal “Air Injector” vents at mid-chest. They are covered with waterproof zippers approximately 150 mm long that run up at a shallow angle from mid-chest to underneath the arm.

Each sleeve has a waterproof zipper of about 160 mm in length that is placed vertically along the front of the forearm.

Two more vertical waterproof zippers open vents on either side at the rear of the jacket. These are very long, about 230 mm, and they each have a small snap near the top that can be fastened to keep the vents open.

All of these vents open directly into the jacket shell to circulate air through the 3D mesh liner.

When the waterproof/breathable membrane liner is removed, the air flows through the vents directly on to the rider, but when the membrane is installed, the air circulates over it, helping to pull out moisture.

Clover Tekno Jacket Material and Stitching
IRON 1000 material covers the arms, elbows and shoulders of the Clover Tekno jacket.

Armor and Padding

The Tekno jacket has CE Level 1 armor in the shoulders and large sections of armor that cover the elbows and back of the forearms.

The use of Level 1 rather than Level 2 armor is surprising; we would have guessed that the armor would meet Level 2 standards.

But the armor that is included with the jacket does appear to be of higher quality than most of the basic soft types included with less expensive jackets.

The elbow/forearm armor is also very large and substantial, feeling more like the type of race armor that might be found in a leather one-piece suit.

The jacket has a pocket that will fit the optional Clover part number 1283 back protector; it’s also surprising that the back protector doesn’t come with the jacket as part of the EN 13595 standard.

As long as you’re going all the way, you might want to order the back protector when you order the jacket.

Jacket Sizing

The Tekno jacket is available in black or black with high-visibility yellow highlights in sizes ranging from S to 4XL. The jacket shown here is a size large and it fits as expected, with a snug fit similar to the Rev’it clothing we’ve reviewed.

The size large should fit a men’s 43″ U.S. chest and 34″ (street clothes) sleeve. With the insulating liner and waterproof/breathable liner removed, the jacket shell gains about 3/4 to 1 size (from 43 to 44). We’ll have to assume that the other Clover sizes run true also.

Note that the fit is snug by design, to keep the armor and abrasion-resistant material in the correct location in case of a fall. Here is a link to the Clover Tekno WP jacket size chart (.pdf).

Clover Tekno Jacket Reflectivity

Clover Tekno Jacket Sleeve

Clover Tekno Jacket Sleeve Adjuster

On the Road With the Clover Tekno Jacket

For all of its protective features, the Tekno jacket doesn’t feel unusual, and that’s a good thing. It has a snug, quality fit that feels more like a race-style jacket than the looser 3/4-length jackets that have minimal and/or unrated protection.

The insulating liner and the waterproof/breathable and wind-proof liner make the Tekno jacket a true four-season garment. The jacket and liners provide excellent wind protection and warmth in cooler weather.

The temperatures here haven’t been warm enough to ride for any length of time with the liners removed, but we did ride for short periods of time with the liners out to evaluate the venting system.

The “3D” mesh liner is a plus, as it allows the jacket shell to stand off slightly from the rider’s body and this helps both with air circulation and it keeps the shell from feeling “sticky” against the skin.

The vents are adequate, although the front and arm vents don’t always stay open, depending on the body position of the rider. But when the rear exhaust vents are open, the air feels like it’s circulating through the jacket and out the back.

The leg straps are adjustable and they aren’t really noticeable once they are secured through the legs and outside of a pair of motorcycle pants.

They help to keep the jacket from riding up in the back, which then helps lock in warmth by preventing air from flowing in.

So overall, the good news is that even with all of its protective capabilities, the Tekno jacket feels just like a normal, high-quality 3/4-length motorcycle jacket.

We were worried that it might feel too different or stiff, but this is not the case.

The wBW Opinionator: Clover Tekno Jacket
Picks… …and Pans.
  • Outstanding construction and detailing.

  • Feels very protective yet comfortable.

  • Meets or exceeds the various EC standards described above.

  • Waterproof.

  • Expanded size and color range.

  • Armor in shoulders and elbows meets Level 1 standards only.

  • Back protector not included.

  • Main zipper is not two-way, nor does it have a locking slider.


Motorcyclists have been waiting for years for a textile jacket that goes beyond the marketing hype to provide high levels of certified protection.

The first thing that is necessary is to have the agreed-upon standards that the manufacturers can use to design and build the garments. Then, the finished products must be tested by the certified and independent testing labs to ensure they meet the standards.

While the standards may not be perfect, at least they are published, recognized public standards that can be met.

And if more motorcycle jackets and pants were tested against the standards with the performance results published and compared (much like a SHARP or Snell testing system, but for motorcycle clothing), the motorcycling community would have much better data to use when buying protective clothing.

Hopefully, someday we’ll have a database for these comparisons and manufacturers will be competing with each other to develop better and more protective gear.

In the meantime, the Clover Tekno jacket is one of the very few motorcycle jackets certified to meet the standards that motorcyclists’ expect for all their protective gear.

The cost is about the same as other high-end jackets from Rev’it, Rukka, Sidi, Spidi and others and you get the added benefit of meeting the EC standards which, in our opinion, is well worth it.

Where to Purchase

Clover clothing can be purchased at Module Moto in Ireland. They will ship to international customers. Module Moto’s price of the Clover Tekno jacket without VAT is currently $869.70 USD, but contact them first, as currency fluctuations will affect the pricing.

Shipping to the U.S.A. is approximately £40.00 (approx. $55.00 USD). We have no connection or interest in Module Moto and are providing this information as a service only. Here is a mapindicating the locations of Clover retailers in other countries.

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From “J.M.” (January 2013): “Purchased this jacket on the back of the review here. I am extremely happy with it, sufficiently so, that I subsequently bought the Techno pants which are truly superb also.

WWhile I concur with all the positives in the review, a couple of comments to help prospective purchasers: Watch sizing, it is a very very snug fit especially in the arms but is so warm really only base layers are required when the thermal liner is in.

There is now a level 2 back protector available but watch size of protector i.e. size medium back protector is for size large jacket! Thought they matched and had to send first one back.

I purchased December 2012 online from Italy, ( at a price very significantly less than referenced in the review and follow up comments. Service and delivery was fine.

Overall very satisfied and feel well set up for years. For reference, am replacing a BMW Streetguard 3 setup with which I was happy but from a safety perspective feel this is a step on.”

From “I.B.” (January 2013): “You mention this jacket will be available in the USA in 2013. Any more information on that? Seriously considering purchasing this sometime soon and am debating to wait for a U.S. distributor or order direct from Europe. Thanks for all the great work you do.”

Rick’s Reply: I communicated with Clover just after New Year’s Day and they said they’re working on an online ordering site for U.S. customers, should be ready soon. I’ll make an announcement as soon as we know more.

From “A.H.” (April 2012):  “I followed wBW’s link to Module Moto for the Clover Tekno jacket.

The wBW article mentions a price of $600 excluding VAT, but the actual price on Module Moto’s website today is $869.70 excluding VAT, with $46.79 shipping to the US. (I changed currency to USD and shipping country to US after I added the item to my cart to see all of the above numbers.)

Another site I found that supposedly ships to the US is Motorama in Italy. On their site, after adding the item to my cart and choosing UPS economy shipping to the US, the price I received was 461 EUR plus 73.54 EUR shipping.

Converting to US dollars via, at today’s rate, I get $699.34 USD total, including shipping.

Until today, I had never heard of Module Moto or Motorama, so I can’t vouch for them in any way.

Thanks for covering Clover here and in the past. I appreciate all the great work you and your team do for us moto-geeks!”

From “N.S.” (April 2012):  “Well, I’m sold. Actually, I’ve been sold on this particular jacket since reading your preview of it during EICMA last November.

Sadly, the chances of this particular jacket being available to me here in the Philippines is practically nil. 🙁 I *could* get it online, but Customs and the likelihood of my not getting the right fit the first time (thus having to send it back, which gives

Customs at least two more chances to get on my back) causes me to shy away from the idea. But one can dream. :P”

From “T.S.G.” (April 2012):  “Thanks for this review. Finally something I have wanted to see is a certification to some real tests of the protective merits of a jacket.

My only hesitation in ordering one is that I need a mesh jacket to battle the heat and humidity of South Florida. Motoport and Aerostich both purport to have “real world testing” but they have not been evaluated such as this Clover Tekno.

Thanks for bringing products like this to our attention. You test all price ranges from Joe Rocket to Clover.

Any protective jacket and pants is better than none but even one day in the Emergency Room and one skin graft will cost a lot more than 10 of these Clover Jackets.

I do own a Motoport Mesh Kevlar as it’s the best I could figure out at the time. It lacks the styling and reported comfort of this Clover. I do feel protected but I also feel like I’m compromising style and comfort which at the price of Motoport (or Aerostich) is comparable to the Clover.”