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Cleveland CycleWerks Lets Out Some Info About It’s Upcoming Electric Motorcycle

cleveland cyclewerks electric bike

Good News From CCW

I reported a while back that Cleveland CycleWerks is going to have an electric bike reveal on March 20th in Cleveland. I’ll be going to the event and covering it. While I wait in anticipation, CCW has released some information about the motorcycle. The bike will feature removable and swappable batteries, a +12KW motor with a 300A speed controller, and 110-240 VAC fast charging. 

The speed controller will connect to the rider’s phone via Bluetooth to allow the rider to adjust performance parameters and allows the rider to use their phone as the instrument cluster. There’s also a programmable regenerative function for the brakes and electric motor.

The bike comes with four ride modes. The ride modes are Eco, Power, Custom, and Wheelie. The Wheelie mode is a very aggressive throttle response, allowing you to lift the front wheel of the bike. There’s also a setting called Angry Pixy Mode. This setting adds 20 seconds of max discharge at the push of a button.

There will be two different versions of the bike. The Falcon 01 and the Falcon BLK. The press release from the company states that the bike will fit into several different categories from e-bicycle to e-motorcycle. It sounds like customers will really be able to customize their bike to suit not only the things they want but their riding skills, too.

We are no longer bound by the physical constraints of internal combustion. Our platform grows with the rider as their skill and desire for speed increases,” said Scott Colosimo, founder of CCW.

The bike will be built in the USA. It will also mark a shift in focus from high-volume manufacturing (the gas bikes CCW sells) to lower-volume and carefully crafted products. “The team wants to focus on higher craft, innovative materials, and advanced manufacturing techniques while moving outside the constraints of the internal combustion engine vehicle,” said Colosimo.

The full details will be released on March 20, but there will likely be some more teasers come out as we move closer to that date. The company is accepting pre-orders on this bike, which is a first for CCW.