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Choosing the best starter motorcycle for students

Kawasaki Ninja 650L for sporty novices

(Contributed article)

The student life is a busy one! You have to juggle all the aspects of college life: writing research papers, essays, finding research topics, attending class, doing homework – not to mention keeping up with your social life! But this doesn’t mean that you have to give up your dream of having your very own motorcycle. 

There are many motorcycles for college students that will allow you to ride to class in style, while still keeping up with your study. Most college students will be buying a bike for the first time, and it’s no surprise that they’ll want to find the best first motorcycle for themselves. However, there’s no one right answer to what the best college motorcycles are; the answer is different for every student. 

This article is a guide for a student who wants to find the best beginner motorcycle for their college years, giving samples and outlines of the most important topics to consider when seeking the best first motorcycle for you!


It’s no secret that buying a motorcycle can be an expensive purchase, and students aren’t always free to spend a lot of money. Because of this, many students might come to the conclusion that owning a motorbike during their college years might not be an affordable choice, but that doesn’t need to be the case! 

If students need to keep an eye on their bank accounts, there are plenty of ways of making owning a bike an affordable possibility. There are lots of free samples services out there for students that can help them save time and money, especially when it comes to their schoolwork. Writing essays about literature or doing a research paper for college doesn’t need to drain time and money. Especially when you can check out examples and read free essays on literature online. Then use the time you saved coming up with titles, topics, and outlines for an essay to earn money! 

Buying secondhand is one of the other great examples of ways that students can free up their finances.

However, what’s important with this way of buying is to make sure that the maintenance costs of an older bike won’t stack up and outweigh the money you save on the purchase. But by saving money, creating free time from study, and finding the best affordable motorcycle price – you can make sure money isn’t a worry when it comes to finding the best motorcycles for college students.  


When it comes to first-time riders choosing the best motorcycle for beginners means asking yourself what kind of bike you want to ride, where you want to ride it, and if you need it to have multiple purposes. One of the great things about motorcycles is how little changes to their design make them suitable for completely different environments, so it’s important to be practical when selecting the best college motorcycles.

A sportbike might be great for hitting high speeds at the race track in your free time, but might not be the best option for cruising around a small college campus. On paper, dirtbikes and supermotos are great examples of the best bikes for beginners looking to ride as a hobby, but not a means of transport.

Students looking for the best affordable motorcycle, which is also suitable as the best beginner motorcycle, may wish to check out the following list of categories. These are some of the best bikes for college students focusing on campus or city use: 

        Standard Motorcycles



        Café Racers 


Taking the decision to buy a bike while in the midst of study should be looked at as an investment by college students. The durability of motorcycles is an important topic to consider. What may be the best first motorcycle or best beginner motorcycle, might not be the motorcycle you want to ride after a few years.

A lot of riders will begin with a “starter bike” anyway, making bikes you don’t plan on keeping a good choice for college motorcycles. As this is the case, you can use your study years to try samples of different bikes and resell them for pretty much the price you paid.

This means getting to experience a range of the best bikes for college students so that when you’re finished your study, you know what you do and don’t like about it! College is a time of exploration, and motorcycles can be a part of that if short durability of ownership is taken into consideration when choosing the best bikes for college students.

Affordability, style, and durability are three of the most important topics to consider deciding the best bikes for college students – think carefully about them as you choose your first bike. Happy riding!