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Check Out Vespa’s 75th Anniversary Series

Vespa 75th Anniversary Edition

75 Years Of Scooting

Vespa scooters have become one of the industry standards when it comes to small-displacement commuters, and have seen a ton of success throughout its 75-year history. Since its patent filing date of April 23rd, 1946, all the way up until 2021, we have seen 75 years of Vespa evolutions, and to celebrate the big date coming next month Piaggio has a unique special edition for both the Primavera and GTS models.

Vespa Primavera 75th Anniversary Edition

These special models will come completely decorated in a metallic yellow paint Vespa calls “Giallo 75th”. The number 75 finds its way to the mudguard and side panels in a slightly darker shade, and Vespa’s signature “tie” finds itself recolored in opaque pyrite yellow. Almost every piece of these scooters has seen a makeover; even the wheels. The rims on this 75th-anniversary edition are painted grey with a “diamond finish”, and new chrome pieces find their way all over the models even extending to the luggage rack.

Speaking of luggage, this edition will come complete with a round shoulder-bag on the back as a callback to the classic Vespa scooters that featured a spare wheel holder. The bag is removable and is constructed from premium nubuck leather, and the seats have been finished in the same smoke grey nubuck leather to match the aesthetic.

The 75th Anniversary Edition will be available in all Primavera sizes (50cc, 125cc, and 150cc), as well as all GTS models as well (125cc, and 300cc) making a total of five scooters in line for the anniversary makeover. All models will come complete with a 4.3″ full-color TFT display as standard. Piaggio’s official press email regarding this release didn’t discuss pricing or availability but seeing as how the bike is to celebrate the official 75th anniversary marked by an April 23rd patent filing date, expect more information to come down the pipes next month.